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    Haha, aw. :> Changed usernames but this is Alveri'seses player. She's recently been put through a great deal of emotional trauma so she's um, not doing that great, but she'll be okay. :< Was just a dream! A terrible, terrible dream, someone else's dream that she entered as part of the party's adventure through the Dream Plane. But it being a dream just made it worse, because she was powerless to fight against what assailed her, unable to take any revenge as she usually would.

    By new character I assume you mean the one on the right? :3 She's Chiiruno, the Cirno-like character that's been in the party for a while now, but she's been semi-corrupted by a certain magic item we found so she now wields both ice and flame, often in equal measure. If you mean on the left, she's been around since the beginning. x3 Inari!

    Thank you for your interest as usual. :>
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