Nala freezes when the centipede appears. For such a large creature, itís amazing it was able to sneak up on them. It must have taken advantage of the fight. She looks at the fallen Tralkor, more than a little lost. "I have only a little medical skill," she says quietly for the others to hear, not taking her eyes off of the new creature. "Can any of you do better? Iíll watch this thing." If no one else can, she might be able to stabilize him. But if they get attacked again, things are going to get a lot worse.

Carefully and slowly, so as not to startle the scavenging centipede, she creeps forward and imposes herself between Tralkor and the bug, slowly leveling her spear towards it. If it approaches, she will try to prod it away, and if it attacks, sheíll do her best to hold it off to give the others time to work.

Move silently: (1d20+4)[9]