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    The Sabertooths


    Composed of five Ice Elves, the Sabertooths are an elite force of warriors. They cost a pretty penny and always demand a portion of the spoils, but their prowess and tenacity proves their high cost is worth it.
    While a more or less informal organization, the Sabertooths are composed of mostly Lawful individuals and adheres to a strict warrior's code. To be a Sabertooth is to fight with courage and honour. A Sabertooth can be identified by the thick fur cloaks they wear, taken from their namesakes.

    They are lead by Moon Called and their ranks are as follows.

    Kavel Drastadre
    The second in command, the weight of leading the Sabertooths falls to Kavel should they become separated or anything happens to Moon Called. He's perhaps the most serious about his responsibilities of the group, and in a lot of ways Kavel provides the structure that the Sabertooths needs. Stoic and taciturn, not much escapes his notice. Tavish's older brother.
    Weapons: Kavel specializes in ranged combat, providing support for the others from a distance. He favours a deadwood crossbow, carved from the burnt corpse of one of the few trees that grows in the Whitesun Wasteland. While extraordinarily light and easy to handle, bolts fired from this crossbow have the force of a bullet fired from a high-calibre rifle. In addition to normal bolts, Kavel also has a quiver of hollow bolts containing a liquid that explodes violently when the bolts break on their target. He's also proficient in melee combat, although not as much as the others. He fights with a two-handed, thin, mythril longblade. The longblade is mundane in nature, but it is wickedly sharp, strong and light.
    Armour: His is the lightest armour of the group, made to allow as much mobility as possible. Each joint is beautifully wrought to provide a full range of movement, and the metal is thin and light. Unlike the others', his isn't enchanted as the manifestation of the spell gives off too much light. If engaged in melee, Keval is more likely to disengage than push the matter.

    Tavish Drastasri

    Tavish helped Moon Called to found the Sabertooths and has been a member since their formation. Though their ranks have changed - members are slain or leave and are eventually replaced - Tavish has been through it all. She and Moon Called are close friends. The years have desensitized her to violence to the point where it takes the most horrid of war crimes to phase her. She provides an adviser to Moon Called and is somewhat of a therapist to the others. Keval's younger sister.
    Weapons: Favouring a quick and deadly fighting style, Tavish fights with a glaive. The mithril blade is set in an oak staff keeps the enemy at bay and whistles through the air to make quick work of an opponent. Against mounted opponents, she uses her glaive to gut or cripple their horses. A red cloth is tied around the staff where it the blade is set into it. The cloth provides a distraction, as does the enchantment that bends the light around the end of the weapon. It appears a second and a half behind where it should be, making it all the harder to dodge or deflect. Tavish also carries a shortsword, should an opponent make it past the reach of her glaive. The light weapon seems to almost be alive, springing into her hand when she holds it open. It can be drawn in an instant, ready to fend off her attacker.
    Armour: Tavish wears the standard armour of a Sabertooth. Forged from the finest steel and decorated with finely wrought silver depicting a rampant sabertooth tiger on her gauntlets and chestpiece. The armour is enchanted with a forcefield that only activates if something is trying to breach the armour. It is penetrable only by air, but heat and cold are conveyed as normal. The forcefield has a short duration and requires a lot of energy. If it's kept active for too long it will draw on the person wearing it for energy.

    Mallod Serresri
    The newest member of the Sabertooths, but by no means the least powerful member. Mallod is the kid-sister of the group. She's cheerful, eager and often times impatient. Above all she wants to prove herself to the hardened warriors she fights with, and so is more likely to take dangerous risks if she thinks the pay-off is worth it.
    Weapons: Mallod fights with a pair of vampire blades, Laiaba and Demi. The viciously curved and serrated scimitars were looted from a necromancer's keep and seemed to take to her. To a sharp-eyed observer they almost seem alive, shimmering in time to her breathing. When they pierce the flesh of an enemy, they absorb his blood. A few moments with a vampire blade embedded in one's body can result in litres of blood lost. Mallod gets no benefit from their thirst, apart from a weakened opponent. She also carries a crossbow, since she's often assigned to hang back and protect Kavel.
    Armour: Standard.

    Sevran Kannadre
    Coming soon.
    Weapons: Sevran fights with a longsword and a set of five razor-sharp chakram. He throws the round, flat and circular disks as he engages, knocking weapons out of hands and severing limbs. The longsword, stolen from a paladin, strikes with flashes of light and Holy energy, and casts off a bright light at Sevran's discretion.
    Armour: Standard.
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