In the mean time, Ash has been finding her way, getting a little more acquainted with the town of Threshold. She has paid for her lodging for a few nights at one of the local inns and occasionally indulged in a little alcohol as she listens to the goings on of the chatty customers and any local talent that may be performing.

She keeps mostly to herself, however, and does not engage in conversation when it is unnecessary. Though she would be interested if she saw a fellow swordsman and she would also offer them a small sparring match if they were so inclined.

Should she bump into one of the riders from the east, she may also offer them a drink and feel out whether they'd be interested in a crossing of wooden swords or something.

If she sees one of her group from her mission at the keep, she'll hail them and see how they fair. Perhaps she'd bump into Mycah and Nathros.

If nothing interesting is happening for a couple weeks, she'll seek out her uncle and see if he has need of her for anything or if he's heard of anything she may pursue with her skills. She feels she's not yet done anything noteworthy to earn the respect among her peers back home as a warrior.
She generally appears bored or observant when seen around town.