Coanacoch was always just behind his peers in overall skill and ability. Most of his peers were able to claim one particular gift - strength, stamina, agility, focus, etc. - but Coanacoch always felt a step behind. His adroitness, more trained than natural, was easily his best trait, and even that always felt just behind the overwhelming majority of students who considered that their best trait.

No, Coanacoch was committed to his sister, who was the real talent in the family. Coanaoch knew that as one less talented then others, he actually could be more of a 'true' monk than others, for in his endeavors lay a life of service rather than exercises of the ego. Still, should he ever be called, he knew that only three things could help him: the favor of the gods; a pure spirit; and skill. In battle, the last was what he'd need.

No one gets this far in their training without skill, but what Coanacoch lacked in talent, he made up for in pure focus and skill. Using a very wide, flowing, acrobatic combat style, he was one of the finest combat acrobats among the senior novices (assuming levels 1-3), second only to Li. But even Coanacoch made mobility work more for him in battle. When it came to balance and contortionism, his skill managed to best those far more agile than he ... but he could only keep this edge if he focused more on it than did the others.

He finishes a sweeping series of broad, expansive, mobile kata. He then pays his respect to the senior student that oversaw this end-ritual exercise for the students in his group, and then goes to wait outside his sister's group until she is ready. He'll head to see Master Caramip with her.