Necahual was an explorer. Though she had no skill with maps or languages or peoples, still she longed to walk the world outside her lands to test herself and her fortitude in increasingly difficult situations. She always maintained her culture as much as possible to keep her footing, yet her drive to explore her inner and outer world kept her from stagnating.

She was, perhaps, too serious. And she knew it. She often wondered about having brought her younger brother with her. It was only because of the esteem of their family that the young boy was even accepted for any training. Necahual didn't have that battle to fight when she was tested a few years before him. No, she didn't have that problem at all. She was glad for her brother to be here with her, that he tagged along and pestered he to come. He didn't have much hope for advancement at home, and his kind demeanor often had the humor needed to take the edge off of a situation.

Focus. Will. Stamina. After any protracted battle, muscles become sore and fighting prowess, no matter how good, atrophies. With this age-old maxim, the answer is simple: train technique as well as you are able, but spend more time blending that technique into a body form that is unyielding in mind and body, inured to pain and fatigue.

She is one of the strongest of the novices, but others (such as Versace Vir-Sashi) still match her, and even he is better at using leveraged strength. But when it comes to trading blows, she can outlast any of the novices. Her style is brutal and close-in, its not pretty, but when her freakishly strong build (for a female) was brought for testing as a little girl, she knew she didn't want to spend her life as a temple guardian, performing the sun dance and using her skills for beauty. Nope. You want to be effective? Be effective, not pretty.

To date, this has served her pretty well. She didn't look at the summons with any mock humility, nor did she look at it with some sense of grandiose expectation or misplaced arrogance. No, she simply saw the summons for what it was .... a chance for her to once again test her limits.