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    Post A Complete List of 3.5 3rd Party Base Classes (over 400!)

    Complete List of 3.5 3rd Party Classes:
    {table=head] CLASS |BOOK |TIER |ROLE |NOTES
    Devoted Psion |DSP-SRD |2 |Caster |Psion ACF - Specialist
    Enlightened Monk |DSP-SRD |5 |Melee |Monk ACF; doesn't change much
    Formbound Spiritist |DSP-SRD |2 |Caster |Psionic Druid (Summoning Focus)
    Formbound Surger |DSP-SRD |2 |Caster |Psionic Druid (Animal Companion+Wild Surge)
    Halo Knight |DSP-SRD |5 |Melee (Buffer) |Kensai as a base class with minor numeric buffs
    Marksman |DSP-SRD |3 |Gish (Archery) |Psionic character with archery focus
    Psychic Ranger |DSP-SRD |3 |Gish (Skills) |Very low optimization floor
    Society Mind |DSP-SRD |2 |Caster |Primarily buff/debuffs
    Thoughtsinger |DSP-SRD |3 |Buffer |Psionic Bard
    Worldthought Medic |DSP-SRD |2 |Caster |Focused buffing
    Augur |DSP-SRD |3 |Caster (NPC) |Slow-progress manifesting
    Eldritch Weaver |Advanced Players Manual|2 |Caster |Alternate Wizard; lacks splat support
    Evangelist |Advanced Players Manual|3 |Buffer |Divine Bard-type
    Scout |Advanced Players Manual|4 |Skillmonkey |Alter Self: the base class
    Spellmaster |Advanced Players Manual|1 |Caster |Blue Mage; skill-based casting
    Thanemage |Advanced Players Manual|4 |Gish |SotAO-type
    Warpriest |Advanced Players Manual|3 |Gish (Divine) |Nerfed melee Cleric
    Psychic |Advanced Players Manual|4 |Skillmonkey |Fighter-style class design for APM's alternate psionic system
    Akashic |Arcana Evolved |5 |Skillmonkey |Knowledge Emphasis
    Champion |Arcana Evolved |5 |Melee |Paladin variant with ideal-dependent abilities (not always good)
    Greenbound |Arcana Evolved |2 |Caster |Healing Focus
    Mage Blade |Arcana Evolved |3 |Gish |Bog-standard gish
    Magister |Arcana Evolved |2 |Caster |Wizard analog; limited spell list
    Oathsworn |Arcana Evolved |5 |Melee |Monk analog; ritual progression, but too late
    Ritual Warrior |Arcana Evolved |4 |Melee |ToB-type with more limited options
    Runethane |Arcana Evolved |2 |Caster |Bog-standard AE caster, but with traps
    Totem Warrior |Arcana Evolved |4 |Melee |Animal Lord as a base class
    Unfettered |Arcana Evolved |5 |Melee |Another crappy Swashbuckler
    Warmain |Arcana Evolved |6 |Melee |Fighter, with preselected crappy feats
    Witch |Arcana Evolved |3 |Caster |Strongly encourages gishing
    Runeblade|Experimental Might |3 |Melee |More of a Summoner in practice
    Empyrean Monk |Secrets of Pact Magic |3 |Melee |Monk/Binder-type
    Foe Hunter |Secrets of Pact Magic |3 |Skillmonkey |Ranger/Assassin/Binder-type
    Occult Priest |Secrets of Pact Magic |2 |Caster |Divine Crusader/Binder-type
    Pact Warrior |Secrets of Pact Magic |3 |Melee |Slow bind progression
    Soul Weaver |Secrets of Pact Magic |1 |Caster |Wizard/Binder; turns spells into Su abilities
    Psionic Soul Weaver |Secrets of Pact Magic |2 |Caster |Psion/Binder; limited powers known
    Spirit Binder |Secrets of Pact Magic |2 |Caster |ToM Binder-analog
    Unbound Witch |Secrets of Pact Magic |2 |Caster |Wilder/Geomancer/Binder-type
    Warbinder |Secrets of Pact Magic |3 |Buffer |Shares/transfers Granted abilities among allies
    Exorcist |Villains of Pact Magic |3 |Caster |Beguiler-styled casting from Exorcism-themed list (w/ domains)
    Muse |Villains of Pact Magic |2 |Caster |Sorcerer/Binder; severely limited spell access; lots of randomness
    Ravaged Soul |Villains of Pact Magic |3 |Melee |Angsty Doctor Who fanfic: the base class
    Templar |Villains of Pact Magic |3 |Melee |SLAs make Shadowcaster look like marathon runner
    Gladiator |Eternal Rome (MV) |5 |Melee |Another crappy fighter variant, but at least it has flavor
    Charioteer |Trojan War (MV) |6 |Melee |Crappy fighter with a chariot. If you're ridiculously creative it doesn't suck too much.
    Dedicated Warrior |Trojan War (MV) |6 |Melee |Self-buffing fighter with divine theme (no casting though).
    Magician |Trojan War (MV) |2 |Caster |core wizard with a hacked spell list
    Priest |Trojan War (MV) |2 |Caster |skill-based spell failure, way too many high-level slots
    Godi |Frost & Fur |2 |Caster |Tweaked Cleric
    Vitki |Frost & Fur |3 |Buffer |Crummy War Weaver in a can
    Voela |Frost & Fur |3 |Caster |Good effects, LOOONG casting time; situationally spans T2 to T5
    Angakoq |Frost & Fur |2 |Caster |Ghostish druid
    Cossack |Frost & Fur |6 |Melee |High skill fighter with horse-related abilities.
    Koldun |Frost & Fur |2 |Caster |Limited spell list, but Polymorph/Planar Binding emphases
    Volkov |Frost & Fur |2 |Caster |Cleric/Druid-type
    Courtier |Rokugan CS |5 |Skillmonkey |Built for Diplomancy w/ Built-in Leadership
    Ninja |Rokugan CS |5 |Melee |Sneak Attack fighter with numeric boosts (speed, init)
    Inkyo |Rokugan CS |6 |Melee |Monk, minus class abilities
    Levite Priest|Mythic Vistas: Testament|2|Spellcaster|Re-flavored cleric with a nerfed spell list
    Psalmist|Mythic Vistas: Testament|2|Spellcaster (Buffer/Healer)|Another nerfed cleric. Has some neat abilities also.
    Khery-Heb|Mythic Vistas: Testament|1|Spellcaster|Wizard with more class features, including scribing divine scrolls. Very broken.
    Magus of the Starry Host|Mythic Vistas: Testament|1|Spellcaster|SpellcasterAlternate wizard with reflavoring. A total pain to play since he has to pilgrimage to learn a significant amount of spells.
    Qedeshot|Mythic Vistas: Testament|2|Skill monkey/Gish|Sort of a prostitute bard with more spells. Potentially awkward to play...
    Spy|Mythic Vistas: Testament|3|Gish, Sneak|Spellcasting rogue/monk.
    Agent |Northern Crown |4 |Skillmonkey |Nerfed Rogue
    Natural Philosopher |Northern Crown |1 |Caster |Extraordinary casting from a decent list
    Raider |Northern Crown |4 |Melee |Barbarian-type with minor buffs, better skills
    Rake |Northern Crown |5 |Melee |Swashbuckler-type; really weird save/BA progression
    Scout |Northern Crown |5 |Skillmonkey |Noncasting Ranger/Rogue with weird Combat Style feats
    Soldier |Northern Crown |5 |Melee |Fighter with more limited feat selection
    Witch |Northern Crown |2 |Caster |Really good at buffing other witches.
    Holy Champion (Philosophic Warrior) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|5 |Melee (Skilled)|Paladin-type skillmonkey
    Holy Champion (Bearer of Woe) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|4 |Melee |Fist of the Forest/Paladin-type; gains bonuses with damage received
    Holy Champion (Knight of Twelve Oaks) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|5 |Melee |Paladin-type; spell-sharing with allies
    Holy Champion (Beltinian Hospitaler) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|4 |Melee |Paladin-type with improved casting
    Holy Champion (Twilight Warrior) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|4 |Melee (Skilled)|Rogue+Shadowdancer+Paladin+Shadow Conjurations; no UMD
    Holy Champion (Sentinel of the Blazing Wyrm)|Player's Guide to Arcanis|5|Melee |Paladin-type with weak blast-oriented alterations
    Holy Champion (Storm Lord) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|4 |Melee |Paladin-type with, some useful debuff/teleport effects
    Holy Champion (Harbinger of the Dawn) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|5 |Melee |Lawful Paladin, eventually with lots of smites
    Holy Champion (Fatespinner) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|4 |Melee |Paladin-type; Reroll-oriented class features
    Holy Champion (Deathbringer) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|5 |Melee |Evil Paladin-type with debuffing class features
    Holy Champion (Holy Judge) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|4 |Melee |Lawful Paladin-type
    Holy Champion (Verdant Champion) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|4 |Melee |Paladin-type with druid spells
    Holy Champion (Tainted Keeper) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|4 |Melee |Paladin-type focused on Demon hunting; gains abilities of a chosen demon
    Holy Champion (Sea Lord) |Player's Guide to Arcanis|3 |Melee (Skilled)|Paladin-type with a slowly-developing mini-shapechange
    Patrician |Player's Guide to Arcanis|5 |Skillmonkey |Social skillmonkey with built-in Leadership (not factored in Tier)
    Priest |Player's Guide to Arcanis|2 |Caster |Basically a Cleric minus armor, plus minor numeric party buffs
    Occisor|Arcanis - Psionics Unbound|4|Gish/Skillmonkey|A rogue-esque soulknife variant that doesn't utterly suck.
    Rhi'zen|Arcanis - Psionics Unbound|3|Psionics/Melee|Monk flavored Psychic Warrior.
    Swamp Lord of Pit Sseth|Arcanis - Psionics Unbound|1|Spellcaster/Manifester|Weird class that can cast and manifest. Only gets up to 7th level spells........and powers.
    Mist Wanderer|Arcanis-Psionics Unbound|3|Manifester/Skillmonkey|A rogue flavored manifester with Psionic Warrior manifesting progression.
    Conflagration Knight|Arcanis-Theocracy of Canceri|4|Melee|A paladin with fire.
    Nerothian Reaper|Arcanis-Theocracy of Canceri|3|Melee|A necromantic paladin with animating abilities.
    Sarishan Knife|Arcanis-Theocracy of Canceri|4|Melee/Sneak|An assassin class with Ranger spellcasting progression.
    Beholder Cultist|Complete Guide to Beholders|2|Alt. spellcaster|Uses beholder rays in a manner similar to spells. Essentially a nerfed wizard with different flavor.
    Blood Druid|Complete Guide to Drow|1|Spellcaster|Evil wizard alternative
    Assassin|Master Class-Assassin's Handbook|4|Gish/Skillmonkey/Sneak|Re-flavored rogue with death strike abilities.
    Witch|Master Class-Witch's Handbook|2|Spellcaster|Re-flavored wizard with transmutation focus. Basically an alter self monster. Tier 2 because no conjuration.
    Shaman|Master Class-Shaman's Handbook|1|Spellcaster/Buffer|Basically the exact same thing as a cleric, but with more druidic flavor.
    Cavalier|Master Class-Cavalier's Handbook|4|Melee|Fighter with progression picked out. More class features so it is more playable then a fighter.
    Dark Heart|Dezzavold-Fortress of the Drow|4|Melee|Barbarian with more class features and much darker fluff.
    Netherstrider|Dezzavold-Fortress of the Drow|4|Melee|Wild and uncivilized unarmed fighter. Full BAB with Flurry of Blows though!
    Yogi|Complete Guide to Rakshasas|3|Gish/Buffer|Complete Guide to Rakshasas|Decent class, like a monk with Bard spellcasting progression.
    Assassin |Power Classes: Assassin |5 |Melee |Sneak attack with double damage after study
    Gladiator |Power Classes: Gladiator |6 |Melee |Warrior class with ability to perform in combat
    Exorcist |Power Classes: Exorcist |1 |Caster |Cleric, plus class features, including lots of Turning
    Noble |Power Classes: Noble |5 |Skillmonkey |Diplomancer with built-in Leadership
    Knight |Power Classes: Knight |6 |Melee |Chronically ripped off & bossed around as class features?
    Artificer |Power Classes: Artificer |2 |Caster |Sorcerer with dirt-cheap Golems; UMD abilities, no UMD skill (???)
    Hedge Wizard |Power Classes: Hedge Wizard |2 |Caster |Slow-advancement Wizard gish
    Explorer |Power Classes: Explorer |6 |Melee |Having a map: the base class
    Pirate |Power Classes: Pirate |5 |Melee |Knowledge monkey, eventually gets Water domain spells as Ex ability
    Alchemist |Power Classes: Alchemist |2 |Caster |Item Creation, no-save death poison and Polymorph Any Object at low levels
    Cabalist |Power Classes: Cabalist |1 |Caster |Skill-based casting without spell level caps
    Fool |Power Classes: Fool |5 |Skillmonkey |Mostly dead levels, compelling dip - mass Antagonise and huge Thrown weapon volley.
    Acolyte |Darkness & Dread |3 |Caster |Defensive buffer; 10-level class
    Alchemist |Darkness & Dread |3 |Caster |Battlefield Control; 10-level class
    Antiquarian |Darkness & Dread |5 |Skillmonkey |Minor UMD abilities; 5-level class
    Apprentice |Darkness & Dread |2 |Caster |Wizard-type with limited list, UMD; 10-level class
    Artisan |Darkness & Dread |6 |Skillmonkey |Somewhat variable skill list; 5-level class
    Beggar |Darkness & Dread |6 |Skillmonkey |Crappy class, decent skills; 5-level class
    Engineer |Darkness & Dread |6 |Cannonfodder |Focused on smashing objects; 5-level class
    Gambler |Darkness & Dread |5 |Skillmonkey |Metagamey dice manipulation; 5-level class
    Grave Robber |Darkness & Dread |6 |Cannonfodder |Ain't afraid of no ghosts; 5-level class
    Grifter |Darkness & Dread |5 |Skillmonkey |Diplomancy, Force self-destructive actions; 5-level class
    Herbalist |Darkness & Dread |3 |Caster |Buffer/healer; 10-level class
    Kennelmaster |Darkness & Dread |6 |Cannonfodder |Handle animal bonuses; 5-level class
    Medium |Darkness & Dread |5 |Skillmonkey |Monster-detection+UMD; 5-level class
    Merchant |Darkness & Dread |6 |Skillmonkey |Treats markets as twice as wealthy; 5-level class
    Minstrel |Darkness & Dread |6 |Skillmonkey |Bard-type, toned down; 5-level class
    Physician |Darkness & Dread |6 |Healer |Wisdom-based Lay on Hands x2; 10-level class
    Pit Fighter |Darkness & Dread |6 |Melee |Barbarian/Rogue, toned way down; 5-level class
    Prospector |Darkness & Dread |5 |Skillmonkey |Trap specialist, reroll features; 5-level class
    Sage |Darkness & Dread |5 |Skillmonkey |Variable skill list, big knowledge bonuses; 5-level class
    Sewerjack |Darkness & Dread |5 |Melee |Tough defenses, little else; 5-level class
    Thief |Darkness & Dread |5 |Skillmonkey |Sneak attack, decent skills; 5-level class
    Tracker |Darkness & Dread |5 |Skillmonkey |Utility feats, ranged sneak attack; 10-level class
    Veteran |Darkness & Dread |5 |Melee |Fighter, minus hald a feat; 10-level class
    Worker |Darkness & Dread |6 |Cannonfodder |Variable skill list, physical ability increases; 5-level class
    Alchemist|Swashbuckling Adventures|3|Buffer|Spellcaster who only brews potions and uses elixirs. One of the more balanced spellcasters.
    Assassin|Swashbuckling Adventures|4|Sneak|Sneak attack based rogue with assassin-esque re-flavoring.
    Courtier|Swashbuckling Adventures|5|Skillmonkey|A socially based character thats worthless if there's any combat happening whatsoever. It does get 10 skill points though...
    Highwayman|Swashbuckling Adventures|5|Gish (ranged)|Ranged attacker who uses gunpowder. Medium BAB so not very good.
    Inquisitor|Swashbuckling Adventures|3|Gish/Controller|Class with tons of unique abilities. Most are enchantment or control oriented.
    Musketeer|Swashbuckling Adventures|5|Melee|Yet another fighter with bad class features instead of feats.
    Noble|Swashbuckling Adventures|5|Buffer/Social|A buffer with no spells. Fairly worthless.
    Pirate|Swashbuckling Adventures|5|Melee|ANOTHER cruddy fighter variation.
    Spy|Swashbuckling Adventures|5|Sneak|Rogue with vaguely different abilities. Does not get UMD, so not recommended at all.
    Swashbuckler|Swashbuckling Adventures|4|Melee|A fighter class that actually does a half-decent job with class features.
    Wanderer|Swashbuckling Adventures|4|Skillmonkey/Tank|A skillmonkey that is relatively good at avoiding damage.
    Witch|Swashbuckling Adventures|2|Caster|A wizard with a bard's spellcasting but a nerfed list and "innate spells," which is like flexible spontaneous spellcasting.
    Alchemist|Player's Guide to the Wilderlands|3|Caster/Skillmonkey/Buffer|Versatile class and very useful to have, but not necessarily overpowered. Based around magical elixirs.
    Amazon Warrior|Player's Guide to the Wilderlands|4|Melee|A movement oriented fighter that does a halfway decent job of making fighters not suck. Gets an animal companion.
    Sage|Player's Guide to the Wilderlands|6|Skillmonkey|An absolutely worthless class based around knowledge skills and learning extra languages. Actually useful for NPC "librarian" types.
    Witch|Player's Guide to the Wilderlands|2|Caster|Sorcerer with a slightly nerfed spell list...but not enough to bring it down a Tier.
    Arcane Mechanik|Iron Kingdoms-Character Guide|3|Caster|Sort of ridiculously nerfed aritificer flavor wise, but with bard spellcasting progression.
    Bodger|Iron Kingdoms-Character Guide|4|Skillmonkey|Variant rogue with mechanical flavor.
    Fell Caller|Iron Kingdoms-Character Guide|4|Gish|Sort of an oddball. Primary ability is unleashing shouts with different effects.
    Gun Mage|Iron Kingdoms-Character Guide|2|Gish/Caster|A character that uses magic guns and has a bard spellcasting progression. Spell list is very good though.
    Disciple|Dawnstar Campaign Setting|1|Caster|A freakishly broken divine caster.
    Shaman|Dawnstar Campaign Setting|1|Caster|A broken druid with early elemental shapeshifting and rituals.
    Shaper|Dawnstar Campaign Setting|1|Caster|Broken cleric variant with special abilities.
    Spirit Adept|Dawnstar Campaign Setting|3|Gish/Melee|A lightly armed fighter who has supernatural enhancements to his abilities. Actually quite well designed.
    Elderkin|Player's Guide to Blackmoor|1|Caster|Well flavored but overpowered spellcaster with ties to ancestral spirits.
    Idolater|Player's Guide to Blackmoor|1|Caster|Divine spellcaster who draws his magic from idols.
    Merchant|Player's Guide to Blackmoor|5|Skillmonkey/Social|A very weak socially oriented class. Possibly good for NPCs.
    Arcane Warrior|Blackmoor Campaign Setting|4|Gish/Melee|A melee character with very minor spellcasting built on the Paladin/Ranger chassis.
    Noble|Blackmoor Campaign Setting|5|Skillmonkey/Social|A rather useless skillmonkey for social adventures.
    Wokan|Blackmoor Campaign Setting|1|Caster|An alternative druid. It, ah, casts arcane spells...but it wildshapes.
    Drow Dark Weaver|Encyclopaedia Arcane-Drow Magic|1|Caster/Skillmonkey|A broken spellcaster that has 9th level spells and a medium BAB.
    Cunning Man |Mythic Vistas: Medieval Player's Manual|4 |Crafter |Numeric buffing, social skills, UMD
    Natural Magician|Mythic Vistas: Medieval Player's Manual|2 |Caster |Learn any Arcane spells; severely limited spell frequency
    Theurge |Mythic Vistas: Medieval Player's Manual|2 |Caster |Learn spells from any list, cast at low CL/DC
    Priest |Mythic Vistas: Medieval Player's Manual|1 |Caster |Slightly nerfed Cleric; can compel sinners to do penance
    Saint |Mythic Vistas: Medieval Player's Manual|4 |Caster |Very specific healing, curses, divinations and misc. miracles
    Canonist |Mythic Vistas: Medieval Player's Manual|4 |Skillmonkey |Diplomancer with new ways to break social skills
    Scholar |Mythic Vistas: Medieval Player's Manual|6 |Skillmonkey |Specialist in the Philosophical Dispute subsystem (seriously)
    Artist |Mythic Vistas: Medieval Player's Manual|6 |Skillmonkey |Specialist in the Art subsystem
    Buccaneer |Mythic Vistas: Skull & Bones |6 |Melee |Weak sniper with melee area fear attack at level 11
    Sea Dog |Mythic Vistas: Skull & Bones |6 |Melee |Gets pretty good at Profession (Sailor)
    Shantyman |Mythic Vistas: Skull & Bones |5 |Buffer |Gets Bard's music, not much else
    Bokor |Mythic Vistas: Skull & Bones |3 |Caster |Voodoo Sorcerer-types; damaged by casting; highly limited high-level slots
    Hougan |Mythic Vistas: Skull & Bones |3 |Caster |Voodoo Cleric-types; High level spells (7+) may require quests
    Noble |Mythic Vistas: SpirosBlaak |5 |Skillmonkey |Social character with Leadership (not factored in tier)
    Pirate |Mythic Vistas: SpirosBlaak |4 |Melee |Panic with Demoralize, Charisma to AC; otherwise a crummy fighter rehash
    Prophet |Mythic Vistas: SpirosBlaak |2 |Caster |Spontaneous cleric-type
    Technologist |Mythic Vistas: SpirosBlaak |3 |Crafter |Build items with low-level spell effects
    Adept |Masque of the Red Death |2 |Caster |Wizard-type with skill-based failure mechanic, long casting time, lots of skill points
    Charlatan |Masque of the Red Death |3 |Caster |Bard-style casting with skill-based failure mechanic, long casting time
    Metaphysician |Masque of the Red Death |2 |Caster |Wizard-type with skill-based failure mechanic, obnoxiously long casting time, lots of skill points
    Occultist |Masque of the Red Death |2 |Caster |Wizard-type with skill-based failure mechanic, long casting time
    Athlete |Masque of the Red Death |6 |Melee |Fighter-type with a crummier feat list
    Explorer/Scout |Masque of the Red Death |5 |Melee |Fighter-type with Ranger skills and class features available
    Shootist |Masque of the Red Death |5 |Melee |Fighter-type with preselected feats (workable but bizarre advancements)
    Soldier |Masque of the Red Death |5 |Melee |Core fighter with extra skills
    Intellectual |Masque of the Red Death |6 |Skillmonkey |Lots of Skill Focus: Knowledge; not a lot else.
    Parson |Masque of the Red Death |6 |Cannonfodder |Class features like the cleric's, without the spells (the -4 penalty adds insult to injury)
    Physician |Masque of the Red Death |6 |Skillmonkey |10+Int skill points look interesting. Rigid skill lists and no class features do not. (And a Code of Conduct! :p)
    Scholar/Scientist|Masque of the Red Death |6 |Skillmonkey |10+Int skill points with no class features and 5 Knowledges as class skills
    Mystic |Masque of the Red Death |2 |Caster |Cleric-type with a skill-based failure mechanic, long casting time
    Medium |Masque of the Red Death |2 |Caster |Cleric-type with a skill-based failure mechanic, long casting time, talks to ghosts
    Shaman |Masque of the Red Death |2 |Caster |Cleric-type with a skill-based failure mechanic, long casting time, Druid's minor class features
    Spiritualist |Masque of the Red Death |2 |Caster |Cleric-type with a skill-based failure mechanic, obnoxiously long casting time
    Sleuth |Masque of the Red Death |6 |Skillmonkey |Detection-based skills, Evasion as single notable class feature
    Criminal |Masque of the Red Death |5 |Skillmonkey |Trapfinding, Evasion and slow sneak attack progression
    Dandy |Masque of the Red Death |6 |Skillmonkey |10+Int skill points, with a monthly diplomacy bonus.
    Journalist |Masque of the Red Death |6 |Skillmonkey |The skill list you'd expect, and a couple bonuses to those checks.
    Tradesman |Masque of the Red Death |6 |Skillmonkey |Lots of bonuses to Profession and Craft
    Mechanic |Masque of the Red Death |6 |Skillmonkey |A couple bonuses to Craft
    Performer |Masque of the Red Death |5 |Skillmonkey |Bardic Music
    Assassin |Thieves' World |5 |Melee |Sneak with bonus prereq feats and sneak attack
    Godsworn |Thieves' World |3 |Melee |Wisdom-synergy like mad. 9th level casting from limited list, long casting times
    Initiate |Thieves' World |3 |Gish |Very limited spontaneous(ish) spells, but wide list choice, 6+Int skills
    Mage |Thieves' World |2 |Caster |Intelligence-based Spontaneous caster
    Noble |Thieves' World |5 |Skillmonkey |Diplomacy focus, minor buffs/debuffs, Leadership (not factored in Tier)
    Priest |Thieves' World |2 |Caster |Spontaneous(ish) Cleric
    Ranger |Thieves' World |5 |Skillmonkey |No spells, more combat styles
    Savant |Thieves' World |6 |Skillmonkey |Various minor skill bonuses, Skill Mastery at ECL 2
    Survivor |Thieves' World |6 |Melee |Either the offensive or defensive Monk traits, and then not all
    Witch |Thieves' World |2 |Caster |Spontaneous Charisma-based caster; Druid/Sorcerer-like spell list
    Academician |Mythic Vistas: Black Company |5 |Skillmonkey |Gradually customizable skill list, lots of skill bonuses
    Berserker |Mythic Vistas: Black Company |4 |Melee |Barbarian with Trapsense swapped for Cleave and Intimidate features
    Jack-of-All-Trades|Mythic Vistas: Black Company |4 |Skillmonkey |Customizable skill list, lots of bonus feats, including temporary feat slots
    Noble |Mythic Vistas: Black Company |5 |Skillmonkey |Diplomacy focus, minor buffs, Leadership (not factored in Tier)
    Scout |Mythic Vistas: Black Company |5 |Skillmonkey |Sniping focus; fighter feats, sudden strike
    Thief |Mythic Vistas: Black Company |5 |Skillmonkey |Rogue, minus UMD and ACFs
    Weapon Master |Mythic Vistas: Black Company |5 |Melee |Monk-type abilities, bigger numbers, action point-based movement
    Zealot |Mythic Vistas: Black Company |5 |Melee |The most times Toughness ever appeared in a base class, but a nice frenzy
    Tarot Mage|Arcane Mysteries-Tarot Magic|2|Caster|Uses an alternative casting system based on Tarot cards.
    Gunslinger|Forgotten Archetypes-The Gunslinger|5|Gish (ranged)|A fighter with ranged capabilities.
    Necromancer|Secret College of Necromancy|1|Caster|A wizard who focuses on necromancy...and can use energy drain as a SLA.
    Death Knight|Secret College of Necromancy|4|Melee|An alternative evil paladin with necromantic abilities.
    Ancestral Speaker|Corwyl-Village of the Wood Elves|2|Caster|A spontaneous spellcaster who communicates with ancestors. Wood elves only.
    Terellian Knight|Corwyl-Village of the Wood Elves|4|Melee|A fighter with his progression already mapped out. However, this one's progression doesn't utterly suck.
    Hero|The Complete Guide to Fey|3|Gish|A sort of fey only bard.
    Empyrean|The Complete Guide to Fey|1|Caster|A fey only spellcasting class.
    Mysterial|The Complete Guide to Fey||Misc.|Essentially you take levels as a fey. Does not function like a normal class.
    Ruffian|The Complete Guide to Fey|4|Melee|A huge fey fighter. He's big and he'll run you over.
    Velociraptor Warrior|The Complete Guide to Velociraptors|5|Melee|A fighter who trades some feats for d12 HD. Velociraptor only, 10 level class.
    Velociraptor Tactician|The Complete Guide to Velociraptors|5|Buffer|A velociraptor only buffer/tactician class that only has 10 levels.
    Velociraptor Shaman|The Complete Guide to Velociraptors|5|Buffer|An unusual, velociraptor only 10 level class that uses potions and mixtures.
    Shifter|The Complete Guide to Wererats|4|Melee|A bonus feat heavy melee class only for lycanthropes that boosts their natural abilities.
    Weaver|The Complete Guide to Wererats|1|Caster|A lycanthropic wizard that's almost literally identical to a transmuter.
    Altherian Artificer |Magic of Arcanis |3 |Skillmonkey |Trap/breaking-stuff specialist; robot companion; useful Item creation at levels 13+; Wizard-light spell list at Bard rate
    Hedge Mage |Magic of Arcanis |2 |Caster |Spontaneous Wisdom casting counts as Arcane & Divine
    Shaman |Magic of Arcanis |2 |Caster |Spontaneous Divine caster manipulates spirits; spell list is mix of Cleric/Druid
    Spellblade |Magic of Arcanis |4 |Gish |Standard, if uninspired, gish. 3/4 BA and caps at 4th level spells at level 10.
    Suromar |Magic of Arcanis |3 |Gish |Psion-hunter with Bard spell progression. Abilities to block mental effects, deny psionic focus, Improved Evasion for Will, act before Initiative as a capstone
    Warder |Magic of Arcanis |3 |Gish |Ranger-like gish; Damage/skill bonuses in favored terrain and Ranger-like bonus feats, Bard-rate casting from defense-based Druid/Sorcerer mashup list
    Chronomancer |Magic |1 |Caster |Wizard with additional time-themed spells, rerolls
    Elemental Adept |Magic |1 |Caster |Wizard with growing elemental companion and a minor elementally-themed power
    Totemist |Magic |2 |Caster |Eccentric spontaneous divine caster with interesting spell list, craft totems for minor metamagic-like effects
    Flesh Mage |Magic |2 |Caster |Spontaneous buffer/debuffer ignores SR, Dispels
    Mage Smith |Magic |2 |Caster |Constitution-based sorcerer with crafting emphasis, make weapons that deal alternate damage types, Cleric chassis
    Arcane Monk |Magic |3 |Gish |Unarmed combat with Strength-based casting from a solid gish list
    Adept of the Awakened Eye|Magic |2 |Caster |Mad spontaneous caster ignores SR, Dispels; buff/mass debuff/battlefield control spell list, can burn spell slots/add casting time to ramp up caster level
    Number Magician |Magic |1 |Caster |Wizard with extra metamagic, metamagic cost reducers for specified targets, treat dice rolls as natural 20s
    Runewright |Magic |2 |Caster |Arcane-like spontaneous Wisdom caster, can add scroll-like enhancements to items/weapons that activate on use; spell list like Wizard, minus summons/morphs
    Shadow Mage |Magic |2 |Caster |Arcane-like spontaneous Wisdom caster, Spell failure chance in light, spell list with shadow and manipulation themes (and Divine Favor/Power, apparently)
    Tinker |Magic |2 |Caster |Crafter with trapfinding makes inexpensive Robots, prepared spells (limited but versatile selection from Wizard list)
    Thaumaturge |Magic |1 |Caster |Wizard with access to all spells, gains domains, cannot use metamagic
    Witch |Magic |1 |Caster |Spell-point caster selects spells known from Sorcerer/Druid lists, access to "freeform" impromptu spell effects
    Holy Warrior |Book of the Righteous |5 |Melee |3.0 Paladin with a few extra ability options, but its own highly limited spell list
    Priest of the Celestial Spheres|Classes of Legend: Priest of the Celestial Spheres |2 |Caster |AD&D-styled Divine Caster whose spells are determined by Sphere selection (more elaborate domain-style thematic groups)
    Arcane Healer |Penumbra: Occult Lore |5 |Healer |NPC class prepares healing spells/defensive buffs very slowly
    Computer |Penumbra: Occult Lore |5 |Caster |NPC class with UMD, useful skills, Divination SLAs available a couple levels early
    Astrologer |Penumbra: Occult Lore |1 |Caster |Prepared caster with modified Wizard list (Improved Conjuration, nerfed Evocation and Illusion); invoking spells needs to be altered to take the spells' normal casting times
    Elementalist |Penumbra: Occult Lore |2 |Caster |Elemental Wizard, become Elemental, cast from Elementally-themed spell list
    Gleaner |Penumbra: Occult Lore |5 |Caster |Trap spirits of dead characters in items; eventually gain ability to emulate trapped souls' abilities (skills, base attack), spam low-level spell effects
    Sympathetic Caster |Penumbra: Occult Lore |1 |Caster |Freeform Spell-point casting, within specified domains (eg. "Animals" or "Transformation")
    Basiran Dancer |Player's Guide to the Sovereign Lands (Kalamar) |4 |Gish |Alternate Bard with Two-Weapon Fighting feats and a very limited spell list
    Brigand |Player's Guide to the Sovereign Lands (Kalamar) |5 |Melee |Combat Rogue with preselected combat feats replacing skills and unique class features
    Gladiator |Player's Guide to the Sovereign Lands (Kalamar) |5 |Melee |Attack of Opportunity and feint specialist; high-DC area fear attack at high levels; morale attack bonus per log10 spectators
    Infiltrator |Player's Guide to the Sovereign Lands (Kalamar) |5 |Skillmonkey |Wilderness Rogue, but speed bonus instead of certain skills, special abilities
    Shaman |Player's Guide to the Sovereign Lands (Kalamar) |1 |Caster |Alternate Druid; gain bonuses and shapeshifting according to selected totem animal; Druid spell list+domains
    Spellsinger |Player's Guide to the Sovereign Lands (Kalamar) |2 |Caster |Primarily arcane spontaneous caster with eclectic spells list, access to Sonic spells from any list. (Sonic spells from divine lists cast as divine)
    Watchman |Player's Guide to the Sovereign Lands (Kalamar) |5 |Melee |Spell-less Urban Ranger. Variable bonus feat list and Favored Enemy-type bonuses against criminals
    Noble |All for One & One for All |6 |Skillmonkey |Gets party invitations as a class feature
    Priest |All for One & One for All |6 |Skillmonkey |Certain 1st level Cleric spells as SLAs up to 3/day; if it sinks 20ish skill points, can get party invitations as class feature
    Soldier |All for One & One for All |4 |Melee |Counts as Fighter, but gets extra bonus feats, including leadership, as well as a military division as a class feature
    Shaman |Aztecs: Empire of the Dying Sun |4 |Caster |Divine spells up to 7th level from very short list; Mostly cures, plant-tending and Summon Nature's Ally
    Nagual |Aztecs: Empire of the Dying Sun |-- |Caster |Spontaneous arcane casting from ANY spell list, force rerolls, large daily skill bonuses, capstone is omnipotence
    Noble Knight |I, Mordred: The Fall & Rise of Camelot |5 |Melee |Fighter with 4 feats replaced with Paladin class features
    Totem Speaker |Transcendence (Arcana Evolved) |3 |Gish |Geomancer-like base class; Skill points based on Wisdom, 7th level spells at ECL 20
    Archer|Sovereign Stone Campaign Setting|5|Gish (ranged)|Ranged fighter with a Medium BAB that makes him very ineffective.
    Elemental Mage|Sovereign Stone Campaign Setting|3|Caster|Caster with an alternative, much more balanced elemental system.
    Mounted Warrior|Sovereign Stone Campaign Setting|5|Melee|Fighter with pre-determined cavalry feats.
    Noble|Sovereign Stone Campaign Setting|5|Support|Yet another class that has social skills and leadership...
    Sailor|Sovereign Stone Campaign Setting|4|Melee|A re-flavored rogue with an alternative to sneak attack that is more widely usable.
    Stalker|Sovereign Stone Campaign Setting|4|Melee|A mix between a rogue and ranger that's made viable by a full BAB.
    Void Mage|Sovereign Stone Campaign Setting|3|Caster|An alternative elemental mage that can sacrifice HP for improved casting.
    Martial Artist|Beyond Monks|3|Melee|A monk fix that works (*gasps*).
    Abellican Brother|DemonWars Campaign Setting|5|Melee|A monk fix that is almost exactly the same as the original, and doesn't actually fix anything.
    Gem Master|DemonWars Campaign Setting|3|Caster|Interesting caster-style class that uses gems to achieve unique effects.
    Gem Sorcerer|DemonWars Campaign Setting|3|Caster|A variant on the gem master. Uses gems for unique magical effects.
    King's Trooper|DemonWars Campaign Setting|5|Melee|A fighter variant that's re-flavored yet changes almost nothing.
    Toul'alfar Woodsman|DemonWars Campaign Setting|4|Melee|A gish style class with focus on one weapon. Interesting, but no versatility whatsoever.
    Priest|Good (AEG)|1|Casting|A non-melee cleric.
    Adherent|Good (AEG)|1|Casting|A non-melee cleric meant to be the sort of rank and file of the church.
    Alchemist|Mercenaries (AEG)|2|Casting|A wizard that prepares his spells as elixirs. Slightly nerfed spell list.
    Guardian|Mercenaries (AEG)|3|Gish|A very typical gish class with bard spellcasting progression.
    Guerilla|Mercenaries (AEG)|4|Melee|An alternative ranger with some rogue qualities (like a d4 sneak attack).
    Hunter|Mercenaries (AEG)|4|Melee|Another ranger/rogue that hunts down specific creatures.
    Legionnaire|Mercenaries (AEG)|4|Melee|A melee class with built in leadership and teamwork. Very similar to a fighter.
    Mercenary Ranger|Mercenaries (AEG)|4|Melee|A ranger that trades spellcasting for terrain oriented abilities.
    Myrmidon|Mercenaries (AEG)|3|Gish|Heavily armored gish with no somatic components in his spells. Bard spellcasting progression.
    Nomad|Mercenaries (AEG)|4|Skillmonkey|Flavorful skillmonkey class that has some terrain oriented abilities.
    Scout|Mercenaries (AEG)|4|Gish (ranged)|A rogue with ranged abilities and less skills.
    Tattoo Mage|Mercenaries (AEG)|3|Caster|A spellcaster with uses tattoos with a nerfed spell list. Debatable Tier 2 but no 9th level spells.
    El Fuego Adentro Mage|Swashbuckling Arcana|3|Caster/Blaster|A spellcaster with a ridiculously nerfed spell list.
    Porte|Swashbuckling Arcana|3|Caster|A spellcaster focused on teleportation.
    Fate Witch|Swashbuckling Arcana|3|Caster|A spellcaster with fate/divination oriented spells.
    Zerstorung Mage|Swashbuckling Arcana|3|Caster|A spellcaster focused on destruction/debuffing.
    Glamour Mage|Swashbuckling Arcana|3|Caster|An illusion oriented spellcaster.
    Laerdom Mage|Swashbuckling Arcana|3|Caster|A laerdom mage uses runes for magical effects and has buffing oriented spells.
    Pyeryem Shapeshifter|Swashbuckling Arcana|3|Caster/Self buffer|A pyeryem shapeshifter transforms himself to become a viable melee fighter.
    Scrying Sorceress|Swashbuckling Arcana|3|Caster|Uses scrying spells and potions. Very much a utility class.
    Male Scrying Sorcerer|Swashbuckling Arcana|3|Misc.|A very hardy class thats abilities are basically focused on self preservation.
    Thean Druid|Swashbuckling Arcana|2|Caster|A spirit oriented spellcaster who is quite similar to the wu jen. Draws spells from the druid spell list, but doesn't have wild shape.
    Thean Priest|Swashbuckling Arcana|2|Caster|Extremely limited casting from the cleric's spell list.
    Arcane Engineer |Path of Magic |1 |Caster |Wizard spinoff that implants magic items in people; wizard spell access
    Arsenalist |Path of Magic |1 |Caster |Wizard trades some feats for the ability to make gunpowder/firearms; wizard spell access
    Mind Weaver |Path of Magic |2 |Caster |Int-based Sorcerer-type that tries to be a psion (trades XP for components, gradually ignores ASF), use spell-level lower for counterspells
    Sun Mage |Path of Magic |2 |Caster |Spontaneous caster with fire spell bonuses in sunlight; requires sunlight to restore spell slots, list of slightly restricted Sorcerer spells plus healing
    Chameleon |Path of Shadow |3 |Skillmonkey |Disguise-focus, half-rogue sneak attack, with 6th level Abj/Div/Ench/Ill spells from the wizard list
    Con Artist |Path of Shadow |5 |Skillmonkey |Bluff-focus, Fascinate/Suggestion/Inspire competence as a bard
    Delver |Path of Shadow |5 |Skillmonkey |Bardic Knowledge, Rogue trapfinding/defenses, combat feats at higher levels
    Psychic Thief |Path of Shadow |3 |Skillmonkey |Psionic Rogue (3.0 system, but progression matches PsyWar) - slower Sneak Attack and Trapfinding than Psychic Rogue, faster powers and Uncanny Dodge
    Commander |Path of the Sword |5 |Melee |Fighter with half feats, a minor numeric party buff and Leadership (not counted in tier)
    Hunter |Path of the Sword |5 |Melee |Bounty hunter-type with extra emphasis on hunting favored enemies
    Outdoorsman |Path of the Sword |5 |Melee |Favored Terrain noncasting Ranger-type with extra bonus feats, companion eventually equal to druid's, with magical beast option
    Faith Caster |Path of Faith |1 |Caster |Rainbow Warsnake: the base class
    Thaumaturge |Path of Faith |1 |Caster |Cleric with the Sorcerer's spells per day chart, no domains or turning, bonus metamagic/item creation feats as a wizard
    Devoted Illusionist |School of Illusion |2 |Caster |Strict Illusionist with limited spontaneity, metamagic cost mitigation, bonuses to DCs/CL checks (can access to another school for a feat)
    Devoted Evoker |School of Evocation |2 |Caster |Strict Evoker with limited spotaneity, metamagic cost mitigation, bonuses to DCs/CL checks (can access to another school for a feat)
    Knight |Excalibur |5 |Melee |Mounted Combat feats with built-in mount, Leadership (not counted in tier), SR v. opposite alignment
    Corsair|Crisis in Freeport|4|Melee|A sort of "dirty fighting" class that has a few naval abilities
    Brave|Deadland d20|4|Melee/Buffer|A melee class that can buff allies with war cries. Themed on native american fighters.
    Gunslinger|Deadland d20|4|Ranged|A fighter with predetermined feat paths/abilities that make them good with guns. Since guns are excellent weapons in Deadland, this got a tier boost.
    Huckster|Deadland d20|2|Caster|A dark spellcaster with skill based casting.
    Mad Scientist|Deadland d20|2|Caster|A mechanically themed caster with skill based abilities.
    Maverick|Deadland d20|4|Skillmonkey|Basically a re-flavored rogue.
    Rowdy|Deadland d20|4|Melee|A tough fighter class based around a sort of "hardiness" theme.
    Scout|Deadland d20|4|Sneak|Another re-flavored rogue, with emphasis on combat.
    Shaman|Deadland d20|2|Caster|A re-flavored caster with skill based powers. Has spirit related abilities.
    Merchant |Black Flags |6 |Skillmonkey |Contacts; Skill points as a class feature, still comes short of Expert
    Sailor |Black Flags |5 |Melee |Fighter with several feats replaced with 1/day Curse-themed SLAs
    Noble |Black Flags |6 |Skillmonkey |Gets party invites as a class feature
    Priest |Black Flags |6 |Skillmonkey |Handful of Level 1 SLAs, up to 3/day; can blow a bunch of skill ranks to get invited to parties
    Channeler |Midnight Campaign Setting |2 |Caster |Generic spellcaster in Midnight's Feat-based casting system; very limited spell levels per day
    Defender |Midnight Campaign Setting |4 |Melee |Monk variant with added customizability, flexibility, unique options
    Wildlander |Midnight Campaign Setting |4 |Melee |Noncasting Ranger variant with added flexibility in mundane effects
    Legate |Midnight Campaign Setting |1 |Caster |Evil Cleric with Magic-eating Ghost companion
    Chaos Mage |Chaos Magic |1 |Caster |Menu-selection casting with access to genuinely openended effects
    Black Heart |Dezzavold - Fortress of the Drow |4 |Melee |Evil fear-inciting rager can temporarily learn dead enemies' abilites by eating their hearts
    Netherstrider |Dezzavold - Fortress of the Drow |4 |Melee |Unarmed combatant with focus on underground combat in tight spaces; minor rage and a huge number of unarmed attacks per round
    Bisaakir Zaari |Dry Land - Empires of the Dragon Sands |1 |Caster |Elementally themed genie servant, Charisma-based prepared casting from Sorcerer list
    Shaman |Dry Land - Empires of the Dragon Sands |2 |Caster |Banishes Outsiders, casts from gradually-increasing number of domains (extremely limited at low levels)
    Slave |Dry Land - Empires of the Dragon Sands |6 |Cannonfodder |Commoner with restrictions on cross-classed skill ranks, 5-level class.
    Mystic |Tome of Artifacts |3 |Gish |Divine warrior with Monk abilities like Flurry, Evasion and Dimension Step and a versatile spell list
    Amazon|Daiblo II - Diablerii|3|Melee/Ranged|A combat class with Amazonian flavor and multiple options for combat, including semi-magical abilities. This class has 25 levels.
    Barbarian|Diablo II - Diablerii|3|Melee|A combat class that buffs itself through things that are described flavor wise as shamanistic magic, but function more like special class abilities or feats. This class has 25 levels.
    Necromancer|Diablo II - Diablerii|3|Caster|Spontaneous necromantic class with up to 6th level spells.
    Paladin|Diablo II - Diablerii|3|Gish|A paladin re flavored as more of combat oriented cleric and special abilities.
    Sorceress|Diablo II - Diablerii|3|Caster|A caster with unique special powers and up to 6th level spells.
    Mlar|Dungeon Magazine 100|6|Caster|An NPC class, similar to a magewirght in concept, but much, much worse. Has very odd saves and base attack, and is intended for use with githyanki fluff.
    Noble |Empire (AEG) |6 |Skillmonkey |Finally a Noble without Leadership (!!!) Otherwise, it's a strangely huge will save on a weak frame.
    Enforcer |Guilds (AEG) |6 |Melee |NPC class with a big Intimidate bonus
    Barbarian of the Frozen Wastelands |Secrets (AEG) |5 |Melee |Frightful Presence, Strength enhancement, cold resistance
    Bard of the Black Crow |Secrets (AEG) |3 |Caster |Debuff bardic music is a step down optimization-wise, but spell as a normal bard.
    Seasonal Druid |Secrets (AEG) |1 |Caster |Divine caster with minor seasonal/elemental bonuses. Druid spells.
    Breath of the Wind School Monk |Secrets (AEG) |5 |Melee |Monk with saves and feats trades for way too many Flurry attacks and much extra speed.
    Charred Chameleon Monk |Secrets (AEG) |5 |Melee |Monk with Bonus feats replaced with half-advancement Sneak attack, scouting bonuses, Hide in Plain Sight (Su)
    Fist of Fury Monk |Secrets (AEG) |5 |Melee |Monk without bonus feats, with crappy rage and blasting power.
    Jaded Stone School Monk |Secrets (AEG) |5 |Melee |Monk with Hardness, static damage bonus, and a bunch of Toughness feats in place of normal bonus feats and Will save.
    Rogue of the Whispering Blades |Secrets (AEG) |3 |Skillmonkey |Rogue with ability damage and combat tricks in place of sneak attack and Trapsense. And Shadowdancer's Hide in Plain Sight as (Ex)
    Soldier of Truth|Secrets (AEG) |4 |Melee |Monk, but with UMD, armor, Wis to AC/Ref/attack (multiple iterations of wis), self-revivify, eventually flight (too late for most purposes)
    Chaplain |Secrets (AEG) |5 |Support |Heals damage nonmagically. Has Druid/Marshal chassis. Two varieties - one heals limited times per day, one heals limited times per patient per day.
    Desert Ranger |Wilds (AEG) |4 |Melee |Customizable 3.0-style Ranger with bonuses specific to deserts
    Woodsman |Wilds (AEG) |5 |Melee |Twist on the 3.0 Ranger with an extra feat, small skill bonuses, much weaker spallcasting
    Beast Lord |Wilds (AEG) |4 |Melee |Better animal companion than Druid, natural weapons, minor numeric bonuses, strong melee chassis, capstone calls 5xCha HD of animals
    Swamp Ranger |Wilds (AEG) |4 |Melee |Customizable 3.0-style Ranger with bonuses specific to swamps
    Mountaineer |Wilds (AEG) |5 |Melee |Ignore difficult terrain, climb bonuses, elemental resistances, DR, Fighter feats at half rate, strong chassis
    Tundra Ranger |Wilds (AEG) |5 |Melee |Awesome chassis, flexible bonus feats, minor situational bonuses, no spells.
    Archer |Iron Heroes |4 |Melee |Ranged damage-dealer with tag-on effects, best at picking off immobile targets
    Armiger |Iron Heroes |5 |Melee |Defensive melee, really swingy token mechanic, abilities stack poorly
    Berserker |Iron Heroes |4 |Melee |Rager with a variety of rage powers fueled by enemies' attacks
    Executioner |Iron Heroes |4 |Melee |Study enemies and gain debuffs against them; gain sneak attack and free tokens to start encounters. Good skills.
    Harrier |Iron Heroes |5 |Skillmonkey |Mobile fighter with numeric attack and defense bonuses equal to squares of movement in a round. Gets Dervish dance ability really late.
    Hunter |Iron Heroes |4 |Melee |Scouting and support character. Give allies numerical buffs and tokens (if their classes use them). Use combat maneuvers against multiple opponents. Good skills.
    Man-at-Arms |Iron Heroes |4 |Melee |Fighter-type class with floating feats, good skills
    Thief |Iron Heroes |4 |Skillmonkey |Elevated skill rank cap, sneak attack, various social skill tricks, ****loads of skill points.
    Weapon Master |Iron Heroes |5 |Melee |Focus on one weapon's use. Easy to get weapon tokens, difficult to get enough of them to use class abilities. Generally a Warrior with really big numbers.
    Arcanist |Iron Heroes |2 |Caster |Skill-based caster with severe limitations, nasty consequences for faiure or overzealousness, but still can access very powerful effects.
    Coglayer|Dragonmech Campaign Setting|3|Skillmonkey|A skillmonkey with very versatile steam based powers who builds things.
    Steamborg|Dragonmech Campaign Setting|3|Melee|Turns his body into part machine and uses steam powers his own engine creates. Allows for very creative abilities.
    Mech Jocket|Dragonmech Campaign Setting|5|Melee|Controls powerful mechs, a kind of massive robot. Pretty much worthless while not in a mech, but if you do get a mech this is a much higher Tier (2 or 3).
    Steamborg Mark II|Dragonmech - Steam Warriors|3|Melee|An alternative version of the steamborg. Slightly less versatile, but still very good.
    Street Judge|Judge Dredd d20|5|Melee|Almost identical to the fighter, but reflavored for Judge Dredd
    Psi Judge|Judge Dredd d20|1|Caster|A psion with fighter melee powers. Pretty broken.
    Citizen|Judge Dredd d20|4|Support|A class that basically represents a talented normal person. Power may vary based on backgrounds, which gives lots of choices at character creation but less as the game progresses.
    Oji|The Goy|4|Support|A very strange class that supports the party, but who's main ability is counterspelling...
    Rojin|The Goy|4|Skillmonkey|A rogue with the ability to counterspell in a manner similar to the oji.
    Wudu|The Goy|5|Support|A character whose only real ability is an essentially rabid companion.
    Bronco Rider|Dinosaur Planet|5|Melee|Worthless by himself, and about on par with a commoner. However, he gets a dinosaur mount so Tier 5.
    Machinist|Dinosaur Planet|5|Support|An artificer without any versatility or good powers whatsoever. Basically just makes slightly better weapons.
    Soldier|Dinosaur Planet|5|Melee|A fighter, except futuristic and with less feats.
    Spy|Dinosaur Planet|5|Skillmonkey|A rogue without the combat abilities. Very much James Bond when he's being dapper...just not when he's fighting. Actually quite neat and flavorful, if grossly underpowered.
    Two-Fister|Dinosaur Planet|5|Melee|A wild monk with less special abilities but higher unarmed damage. Still medium BAB though.
    Wild One|Dinosaur Planet|4|Support|A character that gets a lot of dinosaur companions. You have to admit...it's cool.[/table]
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