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Hm. Maybe we could add rough tier estimates?

I know that Chaos Mage, for one, is at LEAST Tier 2. Probably about T1.

Let's get started.

Also, toss on the DSP stuff. Because DSP.
Tiers would be good. And I'm adding the DSP stuff now (I'd never seen that particular resource before).

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It'd also be helpful to nest some more spoilers for particular categories (everything from a particular publisher, for instance). In particular, the official WotC-endorsed ones should be separated out.

As it is, it's not even clear what the order of them is.
Yeah I know. A lot of formatting an organization has to happen. The thing is, this was originally my own personal resource I'd use for inspiration when homebrewing or writing adventures, so I never needed it to be that organized

I'll separate WotC ones out soon also.