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I can help. You want me to pick a section and make summaries i can do that. I'm not sure if we can go further than that. (copyrights yada yada)
It'd be great if you could help

Yeah. I think that we should limit the classes descriptions to a few key categories:

Role (spellcaster, skill monkey, gish, etc.)
VERY broad overview of the flavor. Give closest PHB or official PrC approximation.
Give the most important details (e.g. the Theurge from Mythic Vistas: Medieval Player's Handbook uses more ritualistic details).
If racial or alignment restrictions exist, specify them.

So for example, I'm thinking a description could look like this.

Corwyl, Village of the Wood Elves (Green Ronin Publishing)
The Cerellian Knight
Low Tier 4 melee fighter, similar to ranger with the ability to boost his strength in a manner similar to a barbarian. Good only.