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Thread: My Little Pony: Avatar Is Magic II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtytabs View Post
    List of Incomplete Requests:
    • Rush the Cat: Karin pony
    • Rush the Cat: Maria pony (update to posts)
    • Crisis21: Two flutter ponies
    •Kellus: Mutated pony
    • NEO|Phyte: Space Marine pony (requested of Dirtytabs)
    • Kris Strife: Travis Touchdown pony
    • Kris Strife: Laharl pony
    • Kris Strife: Adell pony
    • Kris Strife: Almaz Almadine von Adamant
    • DukeGod: Earth pony
    •Tychris1: Pegasus pony
    • Tobimaro: Unicorn pony
    •Alex Star: Earth pony
    •Koda the kobold: Fix the current avatar
    •Dark Elf Bard: Earth pony
    • Tectonic Robot: Earth pony
    •Wyvern Lord: Earth pony
    •Pokemon-freak89: Centaur (requested of Akrim.elf)
    •Selpharia: Earth pony
    •Luka: Pegasus pony
    •docanthrax: Presumably earth
    •DaOldeWolf: Unicorn pony and earth pony
    •AvianMalkavian: Earth pony
    •Kato: Sort of earth pony
    •Lateral: Earth ponies (either)
    • SolarPonyDjango: Sonic characters
    •TheFallenOne: Earth pony
    •Mike_The_Mystic: Pony of current avatar
    •ScrambledBrains: Ponies of Guilmon, Ishida, and Sado AH HA HA HA I recognize all three!
    •Ravian: Unicorn pony
    •Dark Elf Bard: Earth pony
    •kd7sov: [url=]Current avatar as a human chatting with Twilight
    Silverraptor: Avatar as pony, show's style
    Guest#1: Unicorn pony

    I'd hate to be a bother or seem rude, but I think you forgot my request. Admittedly I haven't been keeping up with the thread as much, so if somebody already did mine could someone please point me to it?
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