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Don't forget the 2 Eberron classes listed there as well.

Dragonlance Races of Ansalon has the Nightstalker base class.
Nightstalker is already up there, I just forgot to move it to the WotC approved list (it's listed under 3rd party supplements right now)

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I suppose your right, and the class is very flavorful compared to other necromancers I've seen so it gets a pass I suppose. However, Encyclopedia Arcana: Necromancy Beyond the Grave is still my all time 3rd party supplement dealing with necromancy. That and hollowfaust. I have a massive collection of 3rd party necromancy-related books since Necromancy and Enchantment are my favorite magic schools in the entire game. The Necromancer from Secret Collage is still a unique class, and has some very, very nice and flavorful exclusive spells. It's a nice alternative to the Dread Necro for those who want an arcane necromancer who is not as fail at making undead at the wizard, though the Dread Necro is still an awesome class. I've played a secrect collage necromancer before, with the intent to "ballance" it after I played it, needless to say it was a fun class. A good necromancer to boot. The lack of awaken undead saddened me, though.
I'll list it as Tier 1, which is pretty much saying it's broken.