Master Caramip is sitting comfortably on a stone bench amidst the courtyard garden lost in concentration as she fastidiously files her nails. Her tongue juts out from between her lips like a tiny red dagger as she leans in closer to inspect her handiwork. With a satisfied smirk, she blows the dust from her fingernails and raises them in the air; you see that they are long and filed to sharp points.

Without moving her head, she shifts her eyes to gaze mischievously in the direction of where you are all gathered. "Good morning!" she laughs and hops off the bench. "What do you think? I'm working on a new technique," she says in her typical bubbly demeanor as she displays the sharpened tips of her fingernails.

"The importance of any stealth mission," she says with a wink, "is to remain invisible. Now you see me, sha-shaa!" she blurts as she gestures with an overly-dramatic slash of her right and left hands at eye level, "and now you don't... see anything... ever again!" She smiles and lets out an odd chuckle.