Ulyono yawned and opened his eyes. Glancing around, he noticed the bunks were mostly empty. By Yondalla's shield! He has awoken late! All of these years of training, and still he has failed to achieve perfect discipline. Well, at least there is joy in having a skill or habit yet to master.

He jumps up, dons his green and yellow robe, and rushes off to splash water in his eyes. On return, he spots the note, and upon reading it, feels a knot of worry in his stomach. Of all the days to sleep in...

He quickly but cautiously makes his way to the courtyard, hanging back a little to see what it is he is about to shamefully interrupt with his tardiness.

"...and now you don't... see anything... ever again!"

Ulyono does not understand. If stealth is required, why not just actually become invisible?