Master Caramip laughs again, apparently amused by the whole thing.

"Of course," she says after a brief pause, "on to business. Today is your big day. It's been a quiet Winter, but the long awaited Spring brings work, especially for monks such as you who have proven themselves worthy of the Abbey's trust!"

With a flick of the wrist, she produces a note from an unseen fold in her humble robe and smiles, this time a bit more warmly. "It's nothing too dangerous, the farming community of Cliffside Vale is requesting our presence. It never fails," she waves her hand dismissively while frowning at the notion, "every time the thaw comes, farmers begin their disputes over land and other entitlements. Our presence there acts as a deterrent to keep these disputes from getting violent. If... I should say when they do, then it is our duty to protect, subdue and detain if needed, before anyone gets hurt."

She looks at each member of the assembled group with stern eyes, this time all the mirth taken from them. "There is the off chance that goblin or orc raids could happen. They'll be crawling out of their caves too, ready for some disputes of their own. Remember that five Monks do not make an army, and the farmers' lives come first over whatever desire you may have to prove yourself in battle. Let the farms burn. Guide the people to safety and send a distress messenger at once. We will be sending a courier pigeon with you so that you may send any communication you need to the abbey. Included with the summons is a copy of our usual agreement. You're to be provided food and lodging there while acting as peacekeepers, as well as the legal right to apprehend suspected law-breakers and amnesty from fault of any injury that may occur to said suspect if they resist apprehension. Of course this doesn't mean you should use lethal force, and therefore, while weapons are approved for this mission, they are not to be used on the citizens of Cliffside Vale.

"This is your first mission without a master. Consider this to be your final test, and a profound display of our faith in you. Show that you can work as a team, put the lives of others above yourself, and function with honor under the principles of Azer's Flame. I have absolute confidence in each of you and know that you will make the Abbey proud on your return."

She steps closer to the group and holds the two notes of parchment up, patiently waiting for someone to take it. "Please go to the supply chamber for your approved supplies. Rassaphore Godwin has been informed of what you will require." Her stern visage snaps back into it's usual playful expression. "Good luck everyone! I know you'll make us proud."

DM Note:
The Supply Chamber is also on the 2nd floor of the abbey, just to the east of Staircase Hall, for quick and easy access in case of immediate danger.