And here we go again, with chapter 3!

Chapter 2's Refferences:
Movies: The lines "I've got a bad feeling about this" and "Nooooooo!" come from the Star Wars saga. Although I admit that "Nooooooo!" is just about everywhere...

Illvenverse: ALL OF MY HATE!!! (Seriously, if you didn't get this, go read Illven's stuff now.

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Chapter 3: Creatures of the Team, Assemble!

With nothing but two potions, five Pokeballs, 3300 in cash, and the clothes on my back, I set off on my new adventure. But first I had to get started on the Pokedex. Treecko the jerk Pokemon. Treecko seem to think that they have badass names, and that this entitles them to be absolute pricks.

You havenít seen me even begin getting prickish.

I shudder at the thought.

It didnít take long before we were jumped.

Hey, man, you got any leaves on ya?

Uhhh, no.

Aw, thatís a bummer. Thereís some leaves over there, but I donít wanna get up from my cozy spot here.


What about mushrooms? Mushrooms are good, too.

Yeah, youíre coming with me before some Tailow grabs you for an easy meal.

Easy meals? I like those.

So whatís your name?

William. William D. Wurmple.

Welcome to the team, William. Wurmple the lazy Pokemon. Wurmple seem to hate moving and desire only a life of leisure.

And who are you?

Iím Lidda! Have you seen anything shiny around?

Did you loose something?

No, but somebody else probably did.

So youíre a thief.

NO! Iím a finder! Which makes me a keeper! Iím not a thief!

Then I hope you donít mind if you come with me.

No!!! Not the ball!!!

Zigzagoon the finder Pokemon. Zigzagoon insist that finding and keeping items is not stealing.

I have a sudden urge to mock you.

Alright, then, bring it!

Azgard was doing something new with his punches. Now the blows seemed to be refreshing him as he fought. Azgard what is that?

Itís an ability I have. I can drain energy from my foes and heal myself with it.


What are you talking about? You challenged me!

By the time Lidda defeated the Wurmple, she looked like an oversized cocoon from all the string the Wurmple had sprayed over her.

I am getting stronger, my finding skills will be unmatched!

Ha! My strength grows more by the minute!

That doesnít mean that thisíll be easy for you.

Lidda curbstomped him.

I warned you.

Keep at it.

Ha! None can match my finding skills!

Whoís your daddy?

I like this! Iím getting stronger just by sitting back and watching!

Thanks for the help.

Hey, Lidda, whatís that?

Nothing! What that? I donít have anything!

Give it here.

No, please!

*Sigh* Well, if itís that important to you.


Hi, whatís your name?

Iím Jane Locke, philosopher and historian. I travel the world learning how it works, and then try to figure out why it works that way. Then I write papers on it, and become famous. How do you like this; ďWe hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Pokemon are created equal, that they are endowed by Arceus with certain inalienable rights--Ē

Well, weíre traveling, join the team.

Ah, the kindness of strangers. My heart is warmed.

Seedot the philosopher Pokemon. Seedot travel the world seeking to explain how the world works.

Petalburg City, home of dadís gym. Time to see how well I match up against the master.

I snuck up behind Lidda. Give!


Sinnoh, actually.

That sounds about right. He only took a job on the other side of the country over Pokemon.

I saw eagerness in my eyes, mixed with a bit of nervousness and maybe a touch of anxiety. I guess it was the look of a new Pokemon trainer.

Here we goÖ

Hey, dad.


Well, I wasnít completely on my own. I let out my four Pokemon

That I am.

Then the gym doors opened. The kid who walked in was two or three years younger than me, blond, and his stance and movements reeked of trepidation.

Iím standing right here, arenít I?


Sure, no problem.

Woah! Is that a Ralts? Iíve heard about those, theyíre so rare!

Really? Wow!

Good job, kid.

Youíre welcome, Wally.

See ya Ďround, Wally!

But what about you?

You need the boost, kid. Be glad heís not challenging you on sight like everybody else.

Thank you, Captain Supportive.


Characters that speak in this chapter:
Jane Locke

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