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    Master Caramip looks to Han Chun Li thoughtfully for a moment. "The farmlands of Cliffside are run by a community council, really. It's difficult to say that any one representative there runs it. Strictly speaking, it's run by the lord of Durgeddinvale, but as long as his taxes arrive on time, he doesn't pay them much mind and the farmers who reside there are content to leave it that way. I suppose if one could be called a leader, it would be the Morgan family. Kelvin Morgan is the master of the largest farm in Cliffside Vale, and his family is the only one large enough to run the place for him while he tends to what few political matters the place may have. If a meeting is called, it's usually because he called it.

    Cliffside Vale consists mainly of five families who run the largest farms or ranches in the area, as well as a half-dozen or so smaller families. The eldest sons of each of the five families typically serve as the town militia. Although who is in charge of them is always a matter of who seems to be the most proficient with a sword at the time. I would seek first Kelvin Morgan, and ask him to introduce you to the town militia. Once you meet with the militia it may help you to understand what your role is while there. Your very presence could prove a threat to whoever is running the militia at the time. Showing that you are only there to help, and that you respect his or her authority could go a long way to making things run smoothly should a crises come up."

    She gestures again with the papers. "Take these, and present the orders to Kelvin when you get there to reaffirm our agreement. They like things to be in writing over there."

    Master Caramip bows cordially to each of you in turn. "I'm sure you'll do well."
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