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    Though the war is over, Frivale is not free. In their haste to chase down and destroying the fleeing Demon, the armies of Vidalis did not take the time to fully clear the city of undead. After the Demon was killed they returned to the city and found that while no undead armies stood within to battle them, the city itself seemed to be haunted by the spirits of those fallen and by things more corporeal. The army was too weakened to deal with the threat immediately, as the King had ordered it to spread out among the Kingdom to provide security during reconstruction. That left a token force to deal with whatever still roamed in Frivale, not nearly enough men to purge the city. Instead the commander of the King's forces, Major Rheinstat, cordoned off the city and established his command center at the head of the tent city that had begun to grow. Over the next few months thousands of refugees came back, hoping to go into the city and begin rebuilding it and their lives. Instead they found the city secured and forced to join with others like them in a massive, sprawling collection of tents to the south of the city. The Major doesn't have the men needed to make the city safe, nor enough to prevent fools from slipping past his guards into the city. Right now the screams from the city of those that slipped through and into Frivale are mainly what's holding back the rest of the folks, but supplies in the tents are low and the few caravans that have started running again don't carry enough to feed everyone.

    Major Rheinstat pleaded with the King to send him more troops and supplies. What he got was you.


    "Gentlemen, lady." The Major says, "Please, have a seat." He walks over to the small sideboard in his tent and pours some wine into a sturdy mug, then nods to his servant to fill the other glasses. "If you'd like a drink, Jans will help you." He sighs after he takes a long sip of his wine and then shakes his head. "I'll be honest, I didn't expect the King to send me almost half a dozen mages. I thought a few thousand troops perhaps, but it seems that they are not to be had." He sits down behind his desk and glances at the large map spread out on it. It's an old structural design of Frivale, showing the streets, buildings, sewers, and understreets in each of the four districts. There's plenty of red markings all over the map, crossing off whole sections of districts and rerouting streets to indicate safe passages.

    "This is the best we have, for now. Old reports from the siege and scattered tales from those fool enough to enter in and lucky enough to make it out." He says and takes another sip of wine. "I won't presume to tell you how to be about the Guild's business, but I know of some troubles that we faced during the siege." He grimaces. "It'd be folly to hope that they've taken care of themselves...but I think that if we have a chance to take back the city, you're our best one." He takes a bronze pin and sticks it into the map, one of the districts that is nearly covered in red marks. "That's the old necropolis. Use to be just a graveyard...but during the siege some of the Demon's creatures took it over. We were never able to approach it, let alone clear it. They always kept a strong guard there."

    He sticks two more pins into the map, one near the center of the city on some drawing of a tower, the other near the northern district among some tenement houses. "We've heard, and seen, strange things coming from about the Center. Though we think the Hall is still occupied, it's the towers around it that we're worried of. At night we can see lights and...flying things going into and out of them. Not sure what's happening there." He shakes his head and points to the other pin. "Some fools tried to sneak into the city by the north, and the one that survived to make it out told us that this neighborhood is crawling with half-dead things. Said it was like a charnel house, streets and buildings covered with blood and, well, other things that weren't quite dead. I'd suggest you speak to him, but he took his life not long after he came back."

    The Major leans back in his chair and looks at you all. "Honestly, I'm not sure what you can do, but hopefully it's more than we've been able to accomplish so far. We've had a hard enough time just trying to keep people out, no time to even think about clearing the city." He stifles a yawn and then finishes off his wine. "I know it's late, but I wanted to brief you all as soon as you got here. I'm sure you've got questions, and I'll try and answer them as best I can. Jans has got a special tent set aside for all of you. I apologize for the poor accommodations, but it's the best we've got for now."


    The star on the right is pointing to the necropolis, the star on the left is pointing to the towers, and the star on the top is pointing to the tenements.

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