The sole woman present, a dark-skinned half-elf clad in thick white robes, considers the map carefully. Her hood around her shoulders connects to a long scarf, also loose, and she leans against a thin staff of pale wood, topped with a small jagged crystal that makes it look almost like a primitive's spear.

"I do not think that we should consult with the dead man, even if we could, Flavius. Any spirit that might be returned to him may be corrupted by our enemy's power; the Demon understood how to control the fallen better than any in the Guild."

She points to the northern pin on the city map. "Even if they're infested more heavily than most areas, this neighborhood probably isn't one of the bases of operations. It doesn't seem to have anything strategic near it. Probably just the site of a slaughter..." She sighs heavily. "'Just' a slaughter. As if that's normal." She shakes her head and points to the necropolis. "If there are any who are producing more abominations within the city, the necropolis is probably where they're getting their materials. We should go there first. We can probably go straight over the walls, attack from a side they don't expect, and get out of the city again before any organized defenders can retaliate. An advantage we mages have over five hundred troops is that we move more easily, and that can let us attack where they couldn't."

Finally, she indicates the south wall. "You have the south wall of the city marked up heavily. Why is that?"