"That won't be possible, I'm afraid." The Major says to Flavius. "Burned his body afterwards. I know the wars over, but there's a lot of...unnatural things that happen around here. Better to be safe than sorry."

He nods to Elise and says, "We thought so as well. My soldiers don't like taking chances they don't need to." He glances down at the map. "The walls aren't patrolled anymore, save for our men on the outside, so you should be able to go over unseen. If you'd prefer though, there's a sewer entrance nearby that you could use. You'd come up close to the necropolis, in the next neighborhood." He chuckles as Elise asks about the south wall. "That's because there is no more south wall. It's just a line of rubble from gate to gate."

I think the History Revealed would work for a dead person, but you'd need the body. In this case the body has been burned. It became a common practice during the war to do so, and though it goes against the burial traditions of most people it was seen as a necessary thing to do.