Valen Darkstar, Human Swordlock

A stone-faced human male in dark clothing stands with arms crossed facing the map of Frivale. It was still strange, being back here after all these many years, and there was still so much left to do--but then he had so much to atone for.

He kept his mouth shut and buried his feelings about the tenement housing to the north that Elise pointed out, but piped up with regard to the necropolis.

"Mmm, I agree, the cemetery's likely key to their operation, but those towers worry me. If they've taken those, and it sounds like they have, that will make it hard to go about town unnoticed, and even harder to take it back," he said, then added after a thoughtful pause, "But if the Hall has friendlies, that could help with that when the time comes."

He nodded at the Major's mention of the sewers, but if anything his expression grew darker.

"Mmm. I'd hoped it wouldn't come to that, but I agree, the sewer would increase our chances of getting in unseen."