Memories - Part 9

I woke up on my cot in my cell. My entire body ached. I had never been in this much pain before. My shoulder was still on fire, and I could barely move my limbs. After a few tries, I managed to get into a sitting position. Then came the challenge of standing.

Once that was accomplished, I walked to my door and looked out the little opening. Nothing was going on in the hall. I walked back to my cot, sat down, and lowered my head, feeling thoroughly miserable.

Nothing happened that day. Not sure why. Maybe they wanted whatever they injected us with to sit and grow or something. I found myself feeling my new scars on my shoulder a few times. The area was still tender, but nothing compared to the day before.

I also noticed something else. It took me a while, but I's hard to explain. It felt like I had way more energy than I should or something. I mean, I'd gone my whole life knowing the limits of my abilities. And, it's like I had just discovered them for the first time. I felt so much potential energy. It was...odd...scary...and exhilarating.

The day passed, I went to sleep feeling a little better. Much less sore, at least. The next day came with my door being slammed open and soldier dragging me up and out of the room. All of us were being taken together this time. They brought us into a room of similar size and design to the one we were in when they gave us the injections. Several people were here with all sort of equipment. No tables this time, which I took as a good sign. Wasn't sure if I was right, but I was willing to take my chances on that. I'd look for any good sign at that point. Silver lining and what not.

The head doctor was here again, and once we were lined up, he started his obviously rehearsed speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen, today we will demonstrate that the chemicals injected previously have in fact enhanced the abilities of all the subjects."

Great. We're freaking show dogs now. I would have said something sarcastic, but I figured that'd earn some kind of punishment I wouldn't want.

"Our first test will be with subject number 5641." The guards grabbed the Shadow guy, Selvik, by the shoulders and maneuvered him forward towards the middle of the room. As the doctor talks about the normal limits of Shadow abilities, Selvik was hooked up with various nodes. Probably to measure his heart rate and stuff. He seemed cautious, but not scared. Course, he was probably freaking out. Who knew what they were going to do.

Finally, they blindfolded him. Which made me nervous. Then the doctor grabbed what looked like a baseball. "With his abilities enhanced, subject 5641 has gained the capability to sense an objects presence by its shadow."

And then, without any warning, the doctor threw the ball at Selvik's head.

To my surprise, Selvik moved. He turned and stepped to his right, dodging the ball. It hit the wall behind him with a thud. The doctor seemed pleased. Selvik seemed mildly surprised. His head was pointed at the ball, like he could actually see it. The doctor waved to get Selvik's attention, and Selvik responded by looking at the man. Again, surprise crossed his face.

One by one, we were each brought forward and put on display. And everybody's abilities were beyond the normal range. It surprised me.

"And last, we have subject number 0388, the Kintetic Base." I was brought forward and hooked to the sensors. Like Selvik, I was blindfolded. I started to get really nervous, and tried not to shake.

"Subject 0388 is capable of sensing motion around her, similar to subject 5641's sense of shadows."

I knew what was coming. I felt my body tense up. Nobody went over with me how to use these new abilities I supposedly had. I was gonna get clocked in the head. I was going to fail this demonstration. They would probably have me killed after that. Killed cause I couldn't use abilities I didn't know I had.

Snap out of it, Zel. You're not gonna die. You refuse. You won't let some stupid *******s dictate when your time on this planet ends. You. Will. Not. Die.

And that's when I felt it. I felt things around me. Like when somebody brushes against you. You can just feel it, just enough to get your nerves responding. I felt that all around me. Like I was everywhere in the room, and everything was brushing against me. Except one object. It wasn't just casually going by me. It was ripping by, on a crash course. Aimed for my face.

I reacted without thinking. But not like Selvik did. Instead of dodging, I swung my hand in a sideways swipe in front of me. I felt the ball get hit by my force, then get deflected off course. It kept moving until I heard the thump of a hard object hitting flesh, immediately followed by a cry of pain. From the voice, it sounded like I just hit one of the guards with the ball.


Everything was frozen for a moment. Then, before I knew it, there was a bunch of shouting, and I was thrown to the floor. I cried out as I felt my nose break from the force of it. Felt like at least two of the guards were on my back, with a third on my legs. I was completely pinned, and the weight of the guards on me made it hard to breath. Through my short cries of pain, I took labored breaths, not wanting to pass out. The doctor kept talking like nothing was happening. Mentioned something about starting the next phase tomorrow. Eventually, the guards got off me. I got in one good breath before I was yanked up and carried out. I was tossed back into my cell.

I spent the rest of the day in my cell, wondering why I did that. I knew I should've dodged. That would've been the safer, smarter option. So, why did I deflect it? And at a guard? Did I know the guard was there? I couldn't remember that well. I probably did.

And what did I experience then? I didn't even know that was possible. It was wonderful, really. To be able to sense all the motion around me. It was such a wonderful feeling. Like I was connected to everything. I kept trying to do it again. But, I had difficulties.

I went to sleep wondering what this "next phase" had in store for us.