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"Shall we be given a waterskin and a few days provision? But, yes, Master Caramip, I am truly honored for this chance to prove my worth."
Master Caramip turns to Necahual with a slight frown, "Supply requests are all handled by Rassaphore Godwin. This paper," hands the remaining parchment to Necahual, "is all you need to give to him, and he can supply you with rations, water, approved weapons, and other supplies as needed."

"Absolutely, Novice Coanacoch!" Master Caramip says with a sparkle in her eye, that is only slightly dimmed by the observation of several members of the team already heading towards the gate, "but perhaps when you've returned from Cliffside. The rest of your team seems a bit over-eager to get going, and has already scampered away. I wouldn't want you to get left behind on your first unsupervised mission. I can hardly wait to see what you've come up with, though!" She waves and grins at the novices, like a mother waves goodbye to her children on their first day of school, her giddiness and pride barely contained in her tiny frame, which seems eager to burst into motion at any moment.