Rheinstat frowns. "I'm not sure how I feel about sending in troops to start occupying the city just yet. We're short on men here, and frankly it's taking most of my manpower just to maintain order here in the tents." He shakes his head and runs one hand through his graying hair. "I've got just over a thousand soldiers to both guard the city and protect the refuges...which outnumber us at least five to one."

"I don't know much about conjuring fog to walk on, but I suppose that's your area of expertise." He says to Elise. "The walls are about 25ft high, though some sections have been damaged. You might find a hole big enough to go through, or an area that's crumbled enough to climb over." He glances down at the pin marking the necropolis. "I won't pretend to know what's exactly going on in there, but I do know that it was heavily protected during the siege. Our soldiers never were able to break in, so whatever's there has got to be important."