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Thread: Eberron: paying taxes?

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    Well historically taxes were 10%. Tithe being literally 'a tenth part'.

    However this breaks down real fast in D&D.

    When we are talking 10% of your annual wheat harvest, it works well. But PC wealth quickly skyrockets to stratospheric levels compared to the rest of mundane society. Even a tenth part of PC wealth would quickly be a silly value compare to the operating budget of any mundane pursuits.

    I'm assuming here you register adventuring Parties rather than individuals since solo adventure's have a name where I'm from. "Lunch"

    A 15th level part's taxes at 10% would be 20k, which is enough cash to break the economy of a small city.

    It's also enough money to raise and feed a small army 300-400 men depending on the quality of gear. If I were your PC's I'd be tempted to spend my tax money on starting my own kingdom and daring Duke Tightfisted to come and try to collect some taxes off me.

    the flip side of that is of coruse, a realistically low value is going to quickly be low enough that PC's tend not to care at all. When dues are a GP a year (Quite high on a mundane budget) PC's tend to buy memberships by the decade.
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