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I'm kind of worried about the fact carting a dragons hoard out of the cave is a 0-level spell. boom, 1,000,000 lb in gold becomes 1 0lb diamond... I would just have currency be in gems, you can carry as much gold as you want, as apposed to the weight problem for commoners... heck change is easy, just carry around 1 gem as their wallet, and have the creditor extract x gold from it.
Hmm, it is a bit too easy, isn't it?

Even raising the spell level to just 1 might mean not every 1st-level Sorcerer has it. And low-level Wizards would not walk around with it prepared as a matter of course. Although the high level ones probably would, but I think that's OK.

This could probably use a sanity cap as well. Around 1000GP/CL transmutable?

As for 1-gem wallets, I think that might be just the thing that would happen in a setting high magic enough to support magic ATMs at every other corner.
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The fluff seems nice, explains why their is still diamond dust for resurrections, and why gold isn't a non-renewable resource like in "sorcerers wheel".
Thanks. \o/