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Thread: Eberron: paying taxes?

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    As much as I tend towards simulationism I wouldn't ever bother taxing the average adventuring party except maybe with tolls. Taxes in pre-modern states were mostly on land and trade, things most adventurers don't bother with. There's no personal income tax or a property tax that covers the stuff you carry on your person. If there's a tax on the trade of magic items one can assume that's covered by the 50% you loose from selling them.

    Of course what constitutes a legitimate authority and reasonable taxation was probably much more vague back then. Some robber knight might exact a toll that amounted to theft on the people traveling on his road. Arbitrary taxation, or even just slightly more taxation, was also a pretty good recipe for revolt.

    So if the adventurers are suddenly faced with a tax collector that demands 10% of their stuff even the lawful members might consider that unjust as a breach of accepted norms. Any DM that had his NPCs make that demand should also expect a battle.

    If however your adventurers actually own land or property you might have to start thinking about what they should pay or whether they might be exempt as clergy or nobility and what other services they might then be obliged to render.
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