[Spacious Yard]

Clarissa simply assumes that everyone loves sunlight. Comes with the territory she inherited, I suppose.

Clarissa accepts the offered form, reads it over tapping her chin thoughtfully, snaps her fingers and attempts to hand the filled out form back to Ilpholin.

Name: Clarissa von Smith
Age: Ageless
Sex: Female, Usually
Species: Chaos-Born Divinity
Profession: Embodiment of the Cardinal Sins; Keeper of the Balance and Hel
Reason for joining AMEN: I wanted purpose and camaraderie and I'm evil.
Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: I kill people and bend life to my will. Oh! I also rule over Hel and seduce people!
References (Victims preferred): The Umbrella Company's Survivors; Dave Smith; That One Mask Guy; The Henchmen; Prometheus; All Other Victims Are Dead But I Could Arrange For You To Speak With Them I Think
Past Experience: World Destroyer (Home Dimension); Escaped Umbrella Experiment
Other Information: I'm trying to be permanently on a non-humanoid diet so please don't assign me to any missions where eating bodies is a necessity.

She's also signed the bottom of the form 'cause that's what every form has to have somewhere on it, right?

Clarissa then draws two cans of root beer out of the picnic basket and gingerly offers one to Ilphy.