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    Default Tower of God: An Infinite Canvas comic from Korea.

    And now for something completely different.

    Korean webcomics, "WEBTOONS" for short, are illustrated in full color and read in one long strip per chapter, webtoons are the distinctive style of webcomics from Korea. They appear to be funded by the Korean main internet search engine, Naver. They are released weekly with a TON of content. I'm not sure of all the details but it looks like South Korea has done something really exciting with the webcomic genre. To give an example of the work they typically do, I submit my favorite pick that I have found so far.

    Tower of God.

    It's a comic takes place in an underground world that is divided into various "levels" and the only way to get from one level to the other is through the "Tower" of God. However, only a selected few are allowed to climb it and...

    Oh, what was that? You can't read Korean? Fine then. Here is an English translation.

    Tower of God: English Edition.

    As I was saying, only a few are allowed to climb it and at the top is... Well... Allow me to steal the official PREVIEW and say it like this

    "What is your desire?
    or something that surpasses all other?
    Whatever you desire, THAT is here"

    At the top of the Tower of God.

    Dun, dun, dun.

    Basic story is a boy who's only friend has decided to leave him and climb the tower in search of an open sky to see the stars. Of course, he decides to follow her and so the journey to the top begins...

    I hope some people give this a look. Even if you don't like the story. The use of the endless pages is a really interesting style and something you don't see in western webcomics.

    Also, if you like the 1 page format then feel free to take a look at some other webtoons I have looked through

    Toma's Webtoon List
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