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    Quote Originally Posted by al'Lan Mandrag View Post
    Sdream: that looks really good, I'll have a quick check to work out what goes where, but for the moment, replace the Aldig Quarter with the Castello, C7 is where you had your meeting with the Guildies and Scuvvs, C31-33+ C45/46 is the library. The bar you're in is B10.
    Take a look at edits so far: (warning, 1 MB jpeg, the editable 9MB Gimp xcf is at the same location)

    I figured the library and it's administrative building (merged a bit over time) would not the the hoity toity one used by the ruling class, but a memorial project by a previous Archa to serve the merchant and industrial district across the bridge in Faulestadt (which has since gone a bit downhill). Thus, it may have an active secondary scribe market and wider variety of illicit connections. (Market + merchant stuff 31-33).

    There's a whole lotta german on this map - dwarven stonecrafters must have had a big hand in planning streets and sewers (Cleyana must have splurged on a lot of buildings that aren't very flammable).
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