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I wonder what the reasoning is behind it. Did they just have no ideas left for character growth? Were they always planning to write him off the show? He seemed to have such a prominent place at the beginning of the season and now it is so different. They never really fleshed out his character though beyond "oh angst about being a leader" so maybe that is the problem.
I wonder if it has to do with the comics. This version of Aqualad was brought into the comics in Brightest Day, but from what my friend who reads basically all of DC's comics has told me he hasn't appeared since the big reboot last year. If the character has been dropped by the comics, maybe DC told the show writers to de-emphasize him, so as not advertise a character that doesn't exist in the comics.

Then again, this Aqualad was created for the show first and imported to the comics second, so maybe not. I really would like to know why we've seen so little of him and Zatanna lately though. I was expecting Zatanna in particular to get an episode or two after joining the team, either as a focus character or at least an important secondary one (kinda like Roy has been for the past two episodes), but no, she's only had a couple of very short scenes where she barely spoke.