My Little Pony: Call of Cthulhu
  • I think this kinda existed. I seem to recall a MLP movie waaay back when that featured some sort of Dark Lord turning the Ponies into flesh-eating Devil Horses to pull his chariot. It scared the crap out of me...but I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Lord of the Rings + Warhammer 40k
  • Isildur slumbers upon his throne, silently directing his Guardsmen against the abhorrent powers of Sauron, the Elves, the Dwarves, and the Chaos Hobbits.

Dr McNinja + Pirates of Dark Water + One Piece
  • I have no words for this. Basically Dark Sun + Call of Cthulhu as up above, but on water (sentient, soul-devouring water at that) and filled to bursting with Pirate Ninja Zombies. Hey...