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    As Tralkor prepares his spells, Vrishchika pulls out two books and begins flipping through both. One bears arcane writings that identifies it as her spellbook, and the other appears more mundane in nature. Once finished with her spellbook, she begins drawing a large decorative circle in the ground. Moments later, the image of a three-headed wolf appears over it, feasting on something while communicating with Vrishchika.

    Though apparently unsatisfied, she steps away from the seal as the image above the circle vanishes. For a moment she almost seems a different person, before clearing her throat and turning back to the group. "That went well," she remarks with a smirk, her voice deeper than before, almost sounding like a snarl.


    (1d20+3)[11] vs. DC 15; binding Naberius instead of Malphas. I am now under the Influence of Naberius .

    Preparing new spells:
    0: Detect Magic, Message, Prestidigitation x2
    1: Grease, Sleep, Enlarge Person, Charm Person, Ray of Clumsiness, Color Spray
    2: Detect Thoughts, fell drain Acid Splash, Web, Invisibility
    3: Summon Monster III x2, Detect Thoughts
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