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    Default Re: Playground Squares XI: And here we go again!

    You're so lucky, Count. You get Double Ds. As in Double Dragon, the 1994 movie starring Scott Wolf as Billy Lee, Mark Dacascos as Jimmy Lee, and most importantly, Alyssa Milano as Marian.

    It is 2007 , and Los New Angeles has fallen into a post-apocalyptic world after a devastating earthquake. The gangs rule the night, and the cops keep the crazies at bay during the day.

    But there's someone lurking in the shadows, Koga Shuko (Robert Patrick). And he's searching for the Double Dragon, a medallion of immense power.

    At one point in the film, our three heroes (Jimmy, Billy, and Marian) fall down an elevator shaft and find themselves in a lab/morgue. One of the corpses sits up from his slab, a very tall man wearing a basketball jersey, going by the name Tower (Deanthony Langston). What team does Tower play for?
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