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Thread: My Little Pony: Avatar Is Magic II

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    So, anyone up for pony-fying Remilia (my current avatar) for me? I'm thinking:

    Gender: Female
    Type: Maybe Unicorn, since she uses magic, or like an Alicorn with bat wings.
    Coat color: I'm thinking light pink, but if something like white makes more sense to the artist, then they should do that.
    Mane color and style: Light-blue or violet (her official hair color is a pale blue, but she's often drawn with violet or purple hair), short, wavy.
    Eye color: Red.
    Cutie mark: Creative license; maybe a black bat silhouette, or her spear Gungnir.
    Pose: Maybe seated on her haunches, or reclining on her side; possibly levitating a cup of tea.
    Expressions: Impish; maybe with a mischievous little smile.
    Accessories or costumes: Her hat (see pictures), a red ascot/cravat around her neck, and possibly ribbons on her legs/above her hooves/etc; also maybe a red bow on her tail. Dress is optional- whatever the artist thinks works best.

    Here are some reference pics:

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    Ponified Remilia avatar by Kurien.
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