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    Current Projects:

    Paladin: The ultimate in paladinbrew.
    I cant believe its not Druid: a formal Exercise similar to the greatest hits paladin below, taking all the monk ACFs worth taking and not mutually exclusive to eachother, and pours them together. It makes a hella wierd and ADD druid
    Weapon of Destiny: A class for your sword, so that you dont have to pump money into it.

    Non Updated Classes:
    Master Combat Engineer. He dungeoncrawls with heavy weapons
    Guardian Sentinel. The mobs get stuck between a rock and a hard place. He is the Hard Place.
    The Combatant: Framework class that gets lots and lots of choices.
    The Marine: His landing craft took a wrong turn at Albuquerque

    High and Dark elf Redo
    Half Orcish Dwarves

    Kirby: Hes pink, hes cuddly, he eats tarrasque.

    Toapat's Feat Thread: Keeping em all in once place, nice and simple

    Former Projects:
    The Templar: Paladin replace that gives them some crazy abilities.
    Paladin nonbrew: A greatest Hits album of paladin, taking some of the best Substitution class features and working them into a base class.
    Paladin: A paladin replacement that makes them into anti-spell knights
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