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    Tralkor is slightly disgruntled the next day. The noises during the night didn't really bug him as such, he was used to more noise living near an Ogre tribe. The activities causing those noises were the reason behind his sulky mood. Those Kobolds were slowly but steadily destroying a delicately balanced environment. He could almost feel the Great Mother's suffering out here.

    So, when he suddenly spots two hidden Kobolds next to Nala, he's not in his usual 'friendly to anything' behaviour.
    He grumbles to the rest, trying to lower his voice: "Ambush. At least two of those vile little critters in the bushes fifteen to twenty feet ahead of us."

    He reaches into his bag, while striding towards Nala at the front of the party, pretending to go and hand her something. He grabs and readies a tanglefoot bag.
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