Here's the post from that old Arts and Crafts thread, with all the image links fixed:

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OK, so, ever since I began the Order of the Stick, I have been frequently criticized for my lack of artistic skill. And the criticism is invalid, largely because most of the people making it really mean to criticize my rendering ability, which is only part of overall artistic competence. But I digress already. The point is, people assume that I wouldn't use stick figures unless I had no choice, because dude, stick figures are crap.

Well, I was cleaning up my hard drive today and I found some old drawings from 2002 that I made as part of my first 3rd Edition campaign. These were included on handouts that I gave to the players detailing each playable race. (Side note: This was the same campaign that I would use stick-figure monsters on paper stand-ups for the miniatures during the combats, making it the direct ancestor of the OOTS comic.) I've decided to make a feeble (and likely in vain) attempt to dispel the cloud of "can't draw" from my good name.

Mind you, I'm not holding these up as masterpieces. Most of them are a bit cartoony for some tastes, and I screw up the anatomy of the foot pretty bad on the elf picture. (I wisely chose to hide the ankles of most of the other figures!) I just wanted to share them. In a perfect world, I would have the time to create a second webcomic drawn in this style, but it would take me over a month for each page, so it's not ever going to happen. Also, I'm woefully out of practice now, having drawn almost exclusively on the computer for five years.

A pair of halfling thieves:

Two decadent high elves:

A plague-ridden dwarf sorcerer:

One very angry mountain dwarf fighter:

A contemplative goblin wizard:

Your average adventuring cleric (with elegant mustache):

I may post more later, if I feel like it.

EDIT: In the process of loading these onto the server, I found a few others I had posted online before: