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    So everybody has 30 seconds after my squeel while I track and watch the magic signatures... but only some of you seem active.

    Fade and Cal seem to be trying to figure out what happened (they still have several turns after they get some responses on their spellcraft checks from 'Lan).

    Glanror was at the bar, and has yet to respond to my wandering off saying I was going to check out the stranger Cal noticed.

    Maliana WAS in a separate time and place delivering the first few messages, if there was an option for her to have delivered the first, and then planned to meet us back here to see the parade from the inn before delivering the rest, that would be good to know. In any case, Mal, please let me know how it's going for you, or if you want 'Lan to give you more info.

    Aquarius IS in a separate time and place following a lead from the alleys in Fade's Scribe's Library study across the street from the merchant guild and scribe market. It looks like 'Lan is ready for you to bluff your pitch to dig info from the lady and her 2 men.

    So that's everybody, please post.

    PS- Sorry I grabbed cop attention right before you jumped over. It had been 6 days since anyone else posted on the roof so I was working on the idea I might be suddenly alone facing an encounter designed for 4.
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