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    Well, I think I've got a First Excellency and an Anima Power (going deep into the Devil-Tiger tree).
    First Diospyros Excellency:
    The Breaker of Order is insightful when analyzing others, but tends to be hasty in carrying out his own plans to destabilize them. He seeks to destroy all order in Creation’s societies by twisting the intentions of their customs against themselves and each other.
    Characters may apply this Charm to actions relating to discovering weaknesses so as to use them to create chaos. Diospyros’ Excellency also benefits attempts to convince others to accept bargains that will eventually hurt them. The Charm may assist any attempt to infiltrate or falsely join a group that creates order, as long as the eventual goal is to bring them down from within. It may also be used in an attempt to make a small change that sets off a chain reaction. The Charm does not help to persuade others to be cautious, nor can it repair inherent weaknesses of a plan.

    Shatterer Anima power: A Shatterer generally wishes to be able to create chaos more than once in a given city. When he performs an action which sets off a chain reaction, he may spend five motes. If he does, anybody who was aware of his role in catalyzing the disaster will forget all details about him once he leaves their sight, remembering only that they had seen a nondescript someone-or-something starting it. If they knew of him outside this event, they do not lose that knowledge, only the knowledge of him as the cause of the event.

    If you're wondering, the name was chosen entirely because it sounds good. Apparently, it's the name of the genus of the kind of trees that produce persimmons.

    EDIT: Oops, meant to put this in Lix's recruitment thread.
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