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    Shatterer Anima power: A Shatterer generally wishes to be able to create chaos more than once in a given city. When he performs an action which sets off a chain reaction, he may spend five motes. If he does, anybody who was aware of his role in catalyzing the disaster will forget all details about him once he leaves their sight, remembering only that they had seen a nondescript someone-or-something starting it. If they knew of him outside this event, they do not lose that knowledge, only the knowledge of him as the cause of the event.
    That anima power is good, with one problem: It needs a resistance cost like the Adamant anima power. (Essence) willpower ought to be good.

    It's more restricted than the Adamant power, but it's also stronger in that it leaves even fewer details. As an Infernal, you have some room to add a little bit to it.
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