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Thread: My Little Pony: Avatar Is Magic II

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    i was wonder if somepony would be willing to redraw my avatar for me please. Since this appears to be protocol:
    Gender: Male
    Type: Pegasus
    Coat color: A semi Dark red. I'd say two or three shades darker than normal red.
    Mane color and style:Yellow and same style mane and tail as my current avatar
    Eye color: Blue
    Cutie mark: A circle cut into six even pieces each a different color of the rainbow staring at red ,a brighter shade then the coat please, at 6'oclock then going clockwise ending with purple
    Pose: One foreleg bent back and both wings unfurled
    Expressions: Like my avatar a sort of wide smile with teeth showing
    Accessories or costumes: Black round ovalish glasses
    Basically a drawn version of my avatar with a new pose
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