Half-assed Nosusomething criticism

Anima's okay.

Imperfection is likely to lead to trouble. One of the biggest dangers of stunting is that the game can slow to a crawl as everyone tries to figure out the biggest stunt possible. Forcing stunts aggravates this enormously. Also, it can easily give rise to resentment against the ST for making what is ultimately arbitrary snap judgments against them. I'd focus on unknowability, like, can't hit you if they don't know some stuff about who and what you are (Motivation etc.)

Big Imperfect is ok

Torment might be either perfection transcending itself, paralyzing you as you become to busy Everyday I'm Dharmaing! or perhaps losing your identity to some other identity and forgetetting your own seflo.

Not correcting the typos I just made because I don't want to what are you my mom

Fiat could be

Ex has a who's where it's supposed to be whose. Also, it is cool. Needs italics, though, as it is, I'd have to think to figure out how it works, and I don't feel like that. Again, you are not my mom.

No 2Ex what the ****

Getting xp for anything other people don't get xp for is bad, because it leads to unbalanced teams. Give yourself Temp channels or something instead.

Don't say all Virtues are three that's free swag instead of a drawback. Also the other drawback is more than enough on its own. Why is your perfection connected to Virtue anyway this guy seems like he'd transcend that kind of arbitrary morality and make some other path instead.

Enlightenment is badly worded. Words should flow like blood with mosquito goop in them, not like chunks. Look at existing Enlightenments for tips.

ACF is weird. Nomuguy doesn't seem like a health levels dude he seems like a dodge dude. Make penalty negators and elemental shields instead of health levels which Malfeas already has anyway. Also Imperfections are only for perfects or pseudoperfects, not Ox-Bodies.

You can already store gossamer so the first part is pointless. Other part is no mechanical description, is just fluff. Third part is silly, if you want Gossamercrafting you buy the Ability instead of a Charm. Fourth part is weird, where's all that gossamer coming from? Also it is pointless because you are an E5 Exalt, finding gossamer should be easy at that point. Like with an army of subbjuglated Raksha or something. Remove all this and skip straight to the repurch, I'd say.

The Raksha Charms you're copying are also kind of bad as they break all kinds of intentional die caps everywhere, I think. I also don't see why you'd talk so much about Gossamer. Instead, how about having it make the Wyld into a workshop and multiplying craft speeds like Pyria's Experimental Acceleration thing (noting non-stackability of course)? Different mechanics, same thematic statement. I like simplicity and think Raksha are not-simple, maybe you don't agree? And maybe you can make some other Charm building off this one that Wyld-Shapes, if you want that?

Bypassing the quests for Exotics goes against what exotics are. And that's bad.

I cannot understand this other Charm

More Charm I cannot understand. Make them understandable. Again, see comments re: your mom.

Oh hey that Charm I asked you to make. Ok that's cool. It is too shallow, though, and maybe so is the other wyldcrafting Charm. Maybe make the wyldcrafting build off of that Ox-Body I wanted you to change to not Ox-Body?

Again, Imperfections are for perfects. Also why would you have this when you have Effortless?

Having two different ways of crafting in the same Titan is kind of redundant. Also this is less flavorful than the other one.

Stop it with the Imperfections already! They are an important system term and their presence is supposed to interact very specifically with other, very specific effects. If you absolutely need to tag these random, non-interacting Charms with something, make up a Keyword. Also, the Charm doesn't really seem to fit the rest of the guy. The fluff seems to be more about saying something should happen and making it happen on its own anyway, like something slowly builds itself where you say until you come back. That'd be fun.

This needs a range. Also it is kind of strong, does a lot of powerful things at once.

Have you cleared arbitrarily defining setting details like that with your ST? Because otherwise all that Shining Answer stuff is kind of bad. Also, immunity to attacks, regardless of how it works, is not kosher. Maybe you can dematerialize or something instead. Other than that, I have nothing much to say about this, everything it's built on I've already razed anyway.

I got thinking about a Cecelynian Gyrfalcon, and it made me wonder. Do you think the skies would count as Places of Desolation automatically, or is it what's down beneath that matters? I guess it's the second, Holy Land Infliction suggests as much, but there is an argument to be made for the first.