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    The Outer Cloister

    Two of Sern's arrows hit members of the mob to the south, killing them instantly.
    More magic begins flying around the battlefield, Mariah's prayer hitting everyone within range, and Gerrin's words of power cause hoarfrost to gather all over the leader's armor, which you can see as soon as she steps out of the cloud, and swings her sword in a large (if slow) arc towards Ryuu and Fjodin.
    The mass of the rogues is severely hampered, but there is enough of them still with raised blades for them to be dangerous regardless. Like true fanatics, they rush forward carelessly, hoping to overwhelm you with sheer numbers.

    The archers, who disappeared from view when the cloud went up, suddenly appear on the ground, much closer to you.
    Up close, their undead nature is obvious. More unusual, however, in the eyes of a seasoned hero, is that each of them is larger than any human, and has had additional arms grafted on to it by some dark, unnatural means. Each of them wields two bows, which are now again aimed directly at you.
    The archers are of the same kind some of you fought in the Pit

    Round 2 begins!
    Rogue Stalker Boss@Ryuu: (1d20+10)[13] for (3d6+8)[18] damage + (5d6)[22] fire damage.
    Rogue Stalker Boss@Fjodin: (1d20+10)[19] for (3d6+8)[12] damage + (5d6)[17] fire damage.
    (And yes, these are two attacks despite the Slow.)

    The mobs deal damage simply by being in your space. Being nauseous (or slowed and forced to move) does not prevent this damage. Your movement is not restricted at this point, nor will it provoke AoOs from the mobs.
    Corrupt Rogue Stalker group 1 moves into the space covered by Fjodin and Gerrin (and the one right below Ryuu, who is flying). It provokes an AoO from Fjodin and Gerrin.
    Fjodin and Gerrin take (5d6-2)[8] points of damage, +(4d6)[12] points of fire damage.
    Corrupt Rogue Stalker group 2 moves into the space covered by Corretha, Mariah, and Sern. It provokes an AoO from Corretha and Mariah. (Sern can't make AoOs holding the bow, can he?)
    Corretha, Mariah, and Sern take (5d6-2)[17] points of damage, +(4d6)[13] points of fire damage.

    Corrupted Rogue Stalker group 1: 163/183
    Corrupted Rogue Stalker group 2: 156/192, nauseated (4 more rounds)
    Corrupted Rogue Stalker boss: 83/104, slowed (1 more round)
    Archer 1: 60/60
    Archer 2: 69/69
    Archer 3: 64/64
    Archer 4: 69/69

    Yet to act in round 2: Everyone.

    Map updated.
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