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    Default Re: General Exalted Discussion Thread X: Playground Cosmic Principle

    For Nousuranian charmset :


    First excellency

    It is bit too Solar in flavor. Also, I have trouble with understanding when it is not applicable, bacause from PCs perspective all violence is rationalized and justified and all intentions are pure.

    MYTHOS EXULTANT, need to die in fire. I suggest giving him option to exchange willpower to gossamer for stunt reward.

    ASCENDANCY MANTLE OF NOUSURANIAN, you need to read what Mantle do. Please check BWC. Hint: no, you can't buy charms as being of one essence higher.

    SORCEROUS ENLIGHTENMENT OF NOUSURANIAN, this charm make no sense. I see no reason for excluding summoning or damage spells; it is a-thematic.

    AMORPHOUS CRYSTAL FORM, why you have ox-body with... also: it grant

    WATER FROM THE WELL SUBLIME - I was not awere that carring gossamer is limited for anyone. So, it make little sense to store it in your soul.
    At E3 the user becomes able to draw gossamer from the Wyld, Human Dreams, or another source of raw potentiality
    How he is able to draw gossamer? In what type of action? how long it takes? How often you can draw gossamer from one mortal ?

    Finally at E5 the character gains the Gossamer background at a rating equal to their essence. For each level of essence above five the character possesses the amount granted per story doubles to 40 at E6, 80 at E7 and so forth. Note, this background does not in any way interact with Raksha charms are regards the user. The character effectively has Wealth 4, 5, and Legendary at Essence 5, 6, and 7 respectively.
    Gossamer grant you resources. So at essence 5 you have unlimited resources 5 purchases and Wealth 4?

    And it is only get more confusing for next paragraphs....

    THE CINTIMANI HIDES IN PLAIN SIGHT, exotic wonders are kind of ST fiat territory; especially for stronger artifacts.

    PLANTING THE WORLD SEED, is somehow a group wyld-shaping? What are limits on it? What is a diffrence between this and normal wyld-shaping (besides possibility of catching raksha...)

    BEAUTY IN TRUTH, is.. strange dice-adder. I see no reason for it existance.

    ClAY IN POTTER HANDS/SPIRIT OVER THE WATERS SHINTAI - are you really wants to change into pure chaos and assume it is not an blashemy effect? Also, "I am uber-crafter" shintai is fine, but the 3 hour inverval for crafting is kind of.. unbalanced?

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