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    With the fifty gold her uncle gave her for her journey and troubles, Ash finds it easy to afford the most basic of necessities around town, like a place to sleep and a light meal a couple times a day. She also choses to finish off her rations while in town to save a little money on food. Her armor is donned as usual, but she doesn't keep her helmet on so much in town anymore, just in her pack. Perhaps she found someone to challenge in a friendly duel on the outskirts of town.

    One day during her wanderings, she spies Talsarios and his camp at the edge of town. She quarks her head, narrows her eyes and grins a little as she approaches this odd sight.

    "Talsarios? If I'm not mistaken. What are you doing out here?" Her voice is soft and low when she speaks. Her freckled cheeks and golden-bronze bob-cut stand out against the contrast of her steel armor.

    She eyes his general attitude before he sees and recognizes her. Her expression changes to that of concern.
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