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It's true. Its like they went "Well, Airship Pilot, obviously he's the Exalt of that wind person!" without any idea of what Adorjan was actually like.

It might've been more appropriate for Cearr to have been the Scourge, tapping into Adorjan's sudden and brutal violence parts with Malfeas favored, and Gyrfalcon to have been the Slayer, tapping into Malfeas' leadership stuff with a bit of the Ebon Dragon's bastardness charms.

It would also have made more sense weapon-wise. I hope Gyrfalcon realizes that he's only going to be pistol-whipping people with that gun, because Adorjan doesn't play well with ranged weapons. Meanwhile, Kissed By Hellish Noon is all you need to turn your gun into The Calamity Cannon (courtesy of Bastion).
Gyrfalcon carries a sword.

But I think it would be better if he was still a Scourge, but he favored Malfeas and didn't really take any Adorjan Charms other than Wind-Born Stride.

Although he does need Archery for his firewand, Melee for his sword, and War to command his crew in battle.