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Gyrfalcon carries a sword.
Yes? He also carries a gun. A gun that he won't be able to use in conjunction with Adorjan charms, unless he fires it at melee range. At which point I don't see a reason to have a gun in the first place.

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I don't like the "Shintai represent Jouten" concept. Jouten are idiosyncratic to the Primordial in question, and so are Shintai, but I really don't see why everyone wants them to be related.
I'm not actually sure it's fanon anymore? Ebby's Tenebrous Apotheosis Shintai defines things like his body's base size, his base movement speed, his base soak, his natural attacks, his base health levels, and so on. If he doesn't have that charm, he isn't a dragon, even. I'm not sure what he'd look like then.

This Shintai clearly defines his Jouten. Which, I guess he only has one of? That seems fairly in line with The Ebon Dragon, what with doing things like purposefully not creating all of his Third Circle Souls.