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    "Use them as you wish." The Major says, and then nods towards his servant. "It's been a long day...Jans will show you to your tents for now. No need to check in before you leave...I trust I'll find out sooner or later." He says with a quick shake of his head, leaving you not entirely sure of what he means.

    Jans walks over and pulls back the tent flap. "This way, please." The tent city is a massive, sprawling, disorganized mess that is never really asleep nor quiet, but at night the mass of humanity settles down and as you follow Jans he leads you down heavily trodden pathways in the grass, tents sprung up on all sides, all shapes and sizes. Some are even in the path, and so it winds around them. All around are small campfires, burning low to conserve fuel in the face of the coming winter, groups of people huddling around them for warmth. Faces rise up and stare at you as you walk by, your clothes not covered with dirt and mud marking you as separate than everyone else.

    The tent is not all that far away though, and after only a few minutes walk Jans stops besides it. The tent is yellow and battered looking, the wind playing with the flaps, threatening to tear out the stakes at any moment. It's also small, no more than four feet high and five long. A pair of halflings might be comfortable inside. Jans smiles and says, "I know, doesn't seem like much does it?" Pulling aside the flap, he ducks down and walks inside. With the flap open you can see that it's much larger inside than it is outside, and it doesn't look like a tent at all.

    "Come on, don't let the cold air in." Jans says as you look about the spacious log cabin with half a dozen large bunk beds, each piled with furs and blankets and able to hold a family of four. There's a roaring fireplace with a well-stocked pantry and side board next to it. Close to the door, and you do realize that when Jans lets go of the tent flap, it's a solid wooden door that closes, there's couches and a foot table, along with a large desk. "Courtesy of Archmage Cedaris. He sent this along ahead of you. If there's nothing else you need, then I'll be heading back. He says and wraps his scarf up again, ready to head outside.

    So you've got a little extra dimensional log cabin space. It's got about anything you'd need if you were actually living in it, food, drink, firewood, etc. Being a guildmage has perks...but how does your character feel about having this exceptional place to live, while the rest of the camp is basically a refugee camp?

    Feel free to send Jans away in your posts, he'll go back to the Major unless you guys want/need something from me.
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