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    In progress
    Contest Entry

    -- V'K'kraan'ck (Vehk-Kra-aan-check) [Made for This setting]
    -- Gravazlin
    -- "Woolbritches" Halfling

    PC Base Classes
    -- Nik'tch Master [Made for This setting]
    -- Psionic Tantrist
    -- Vile Plague Lord
    -- Bee-r Rager
    -- Psionic Scavenger

    NPC Base Classes
    -- Gunpowder Trooper
    -- Enterprising Manager - Second Place!

    Monster Classes
    -- Dry Wight

    Prestige Classes
    -- V'K'kraan'ck Zombiemaster (Racial Prestige Class for V'K'kraan'ck) [Made for This setting]
    -- Herald of the Riders (Religious Prestige Class)
    -- Templar of Roland (Religious Binding Prestige Class)
    -- Imaskar Guardian Forgemaster (Imaskari Arcanists who build guardians to defend Imaskar)
    -- Tormentor (Psionic Chaotic version of Quori Nightmare that uses pain as well as fear)
    -- Fleshlord (Psionic Fleshwarper)
    -- Swarm Master
    -- Master of Mead
    -- Bear-r Rager
    -- War Scavenger (Psionic, Fields of Blood)

    Epic Prestige Classes
    -- Dread Emperor (A Remake of This Dread Emperor)

    E6 Feats
    -- E6 feats for undead

    World Building
    -- The Broken World [STEAMPUNK - LOW MAGIC - TAINTED]
    -- Apocalyptic Space Opera [SPACE - APOCALYPSE - SCI-FI]

    System Design
    -- Space Operatic System. [D20 Modern base, RIFTS influence] [SPACE - SCI-FI]
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