Tralkor darts past Siel and Vrishchika while reaching in his backpack. Alerted by his words, Nala is readying for what is about to come. Or is she? A short high pitched 'yelp' breaks the relative silence of the forest floor, followed by a series of sounds.

*Ching* *Ffffrrrr* *Chunk* *Thud!*

As these sounds manifest, this all happens in a split second, Tralkor and Nala feel something below their feet moving. At first their weight is big enough to counter it, but soon enough it feels as if someone is pulling a rug away from under your feet. Vrishchika and Siel have a good view on the set of four ropes that shoot upwards and the big chunk of three that seems to topple over all of a sudden a few feet away. A big net made from vines envelopes Tralkor and Nala, they will have to act quickly or be caught!

Tralkor and Nala, make a reflex save. Everybody can make a spot check to assess the situation.

(if you don't, I will make them for you tomorrow night or so . )